Living Arrows 2015 – Week 18

Living Arrows – Week 18

We’ve had another busy week here in the Shilton household. Little Mr has enjoyed days with both sets of his Grandparents (bar Grandad Cooper who was busily working) and enjoyed painting, playgroup and playing in the garden. I love that he gets to spend some quality time with his Grandparents. They spoil him but they’re having fun and he’s enjoying himself.

On my day off on Friday, Little Mr and I had a lazy morning getting some jobs done. We popped out to buy my nephew a birthday present and then came home for lunch and an afternoon of jigsaw puzzles and Curious George on DVD.

Living Arrows Week 18

Little Mr was particularly tired on Friday, he had a rubbish nights sleep on Thursday thanks to a chesty cough he hasn’t been able to shift so was in a clingy, whingey mood where pretty much everything was wrong. It was great fun!

We’re still trying to get the balance of no nap / great bedtime correct, he gets so tired by 5pm but if he sleeps during the day, bedtime takes well over an hour and often longer. I’ll happily settle for a snuggle on the sofa and some quiet time watching a film.

Week 18

Little Mr had a great weekend of fun with his Daddy whilst I was away with friends. They went shopping, had fun in the Disney store and had pizza for dinner. It was lovely to hear that Little Mr had been asking after me. He always asks for his Daddy whenever he’s with me so to hear he’s asked after me made me smile. I really missed him so it was lovely to give him a big cuddle when I saw him at the train station.

We have a few extra days together this week as his Grandparents are away on holiday so I’m planning on a day out just the two of us doing something we ordinarily wouldn’t get to do. I can’t wait!

 Living Arrows

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