Bring on the Summer – Traditional UK Holiday Ideas


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It’s great coming up with different and unusual holiday ideas – after all, variety is the spice of life – but there’s a lot to be said for a traditional UK holiday. They’re often cheap and cheerful and are usually holidays that the whole family can enjoy. You may well have older family members who would love to revisit their youth and go on a traditional UK break, so here are some ideas for your next holiday:



Blackpool is one of the most traditional holiday destinations in the country and has been for quite some time. It’s not changed a massive amount, either. The arcades are still there and are still a surprising amount of fun; you can spend hours in there, although if you do that then you can spend a fair bit of money too! There’s also the Pleasure Beach which is perfect for thrill seekers, whilst if the weather is nice, there’s a fantastic beach to relax on and for the kids to play around on. There are some great deals on Blackpool breaks here:

Holiday camps

If you’ve ever seen Hi-de-Hi! then you’ll know about the good ol’ traditional British holiday camp, and they’re still going strong. Butlins and Pontins are still the most popular and there are various camps around the country, and they’re great fun. There is a bit of a stigma around them but there really shouldn’t be; they’re brilliant family fun with plenty to do and great entertainment.


There’s something very British about packing the car up and going on a camping trip with the family. It doesn’t take too much planning and you don’t need much stuff with you – it’s simple but it’s a great way to spend a holiday. Granted, it is nicer if the weather if good, but even if it’s not, you just have to make up your own entertainment. Take some board games and have some good family time! This website is a pretty good resource for finding campsites around the UK.



This is kind of one step up from camping, except you have a little more room (unless you have a big tent or small caravan) and you tend to have a couple more facilities at hand. If you have your own caravan then you can go travel around the country with it, although there are plenty of static caravan parks as well. You can often camp and caravan in the same places, so here’s another good list of campsites, this time around the UK coast.


Cornwall is probably the closest us Brits get to being abroad in terms of climate and environment unless we actually leave these shores, and that makes it an incredibly popular holiday destination. It has some absolutely stunning beaches, making it a great place to take the family, whilst there are plenty of idyllic villages of you want some peace and quiet.

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