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May 2015

    Me and Mine May 2015

    Me and Mine May 2015

    Unfortunately, this month has been tinged with sadness as we suddenly lost our adorable much loved Westie Mikey. It was a horrible few weeks and it’s really brought home about how fragile life is. One minute you think life is peachy and the next, something so precious is gone and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. If only love could keep them alive!

    I really regret not including Mikey in our family Me and Mine photographs this year. He really was part of the family, my furbaby for 10 years and our first family pet that taught us all some pretty crucial life lessons. He will be sadly missed.

    On a positive note, May has been the month with a billion birthdays (okay, a slight exaggeration but there have been lots!) and we have welcomed a new member to the extended family with my gorgeous friend giving birth to beautiful Baby Clarke making a late appearance and I cannot wait to meet her (I’m a very proud surrogate Aunty!)

    This month Mama has enjoyed

    – Seeing Take That in concert
    – Finally buying a new sofa for the lounge
    – Achieving her 4 and a half stone weightloss award
    – Fitting into a new pair of (skinnier) jeans

    Daddy has enjoyed

    – Playing Darts with the Professionals in front of large crowd
    – Half term holiday spent with Little Mr and Mama
    – A boys night out in Birmingham

    Little Mr has enjoyed

    – Meeting Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy at the In The Night Garden Party
    – Playing in the garden in his new Little Tikes Cosy Cottage
    – Celebrating family birthdays and singing Happy Birthday

    Me and Mine

    dear beautiful
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