Little Mr at 26 months



My cheeky faced blonde haired Little Mr is now 26 months old.

This month Little Mr has enjoyed some quality time with his Daddy over Easter half term and has been able to get outside more and enjoy the Spring sunshine. He’s been to the Adventure Farm and Thomas Land with both me and hubby and we also went down to London to see our good friends and he slept in a big hotel bed all by himself and (mostly) through the night too without falling out. He also locked himself in the hotel bathroom which was an interesting experience, thank  goodness for Aunty Becky’s room card skills that rescued him (Luckily, he giggled the while time he was locked in and was in no danger, thank goodness!)

The conversation we get from Little Mr every day is brilliant. I often forget how little he really is because we can have a fantastic conversation with him now. He asks questions all the time “What’s happening Mummy?”, he’s so inquisitive and interested in everything. If we give him a toy to play with and he doesn’t want to play with it, he’ll make suggestions “How about this Mommy?”. We are desperately watching our language as he’s picking up new words from us all the time. One of my favourites this month is ‘super-ghetty’ for spaghetti. We made spaghetti and meatballs and he was so interested how the pasta could break, he kept asking me to fix it, how cute!


Bedtimes for Little Mr have improved as we have said night night to daytime naps. He was sleeping after lunch for up to 2 hours, sometimes more. This resulted in him being so full of life at bedtime, he wasn’t falling asleep until after 8pm and sometimes a lot later. We’ve trialed the no nap rule this week and bedtime has been brilliant. He’s fallen asleep within 15 minutes and slept through all night. I cannot tell you how happy this has made us as parents. We finally have our evenings back!

He has a very cute toddler bed in his room (which we are reviewing) but it’s definitely not time for him to move into it. We did try it for one night but he woke up in the middle of night and wanted his Daddy so for now, he’s sleeping in his cotbed and enjoys story time in the toddler bed.

I was so impressed with how brave Little Mr was when we visited the farm earlier in the month. He was desperate to feed the animals and he wasn’t afraid of them at all. He put his hand straight out to feed the sheep and loved it when they ate the feed off hands. There’s no way I was that brave at his age!


Health Visitor 2 year check

Over Easter Little Mr was invited to visit our local health centre for his two year check. It’s a chance for the Health Visitor to see how he’s doing and we had to take along a completed questionnaire all about how we thought he was doing. In all honesty, I wasn’t particularly bothered with what the HV had to say as I’ve never found their advice any help but we wanted to get Little Mr’s little red book updated and see how tall and heavy he was officially.

It was no surprise at all to hear that Little Mr is doing really well, he’s developing his motor skills well and the HV was blown away by his speech which made us smile. He’s also on the 75th centile for weight and height so he’s growing up wonderfully.

We’re so proud of what a well mannered little boy he’s growing into, his cheeky smile gets him out of trouble on many too occasions for my liking but that’s a skill I need to develop as a Mummy.

Enjoy your 27th month little man, we love you very very much.

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