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April 2015

    Me and Mine April 2015

    Me and Mine April 2015

    April has been a fun month with birthdays, Easter holidays and fun days out. We’ve had a lovely month filled with bursts of warm sunshine, afternoons in the garden playing with cars and family days out spending quality time with each other.

    Our Me and Mine photograph this month was taken on a visit to our local Forestry Commission as we went in search of the Gruffalo. We took the tripod with us and set it up around the forest to try and find the best spot for our family photograph. I’ve realised both Little Mr and I are wearing the same coats as last month which just goes to show how chilly it has been in between the bursts of sunshine. We’re desperate to get rid of the winter coats!

    Me and Mine April 2015

    Mama has enjoyed

    – Annual Leave over the School Holidays
    – MaltEaster Mini Bunnies
    – Discovering pretty dresses on the internet
    – Spending time with good friends
    – Eating at Jamie’s Italian restaurant for dinner

    Daddy has enjoyed

    – his 34th birthday celebrations
    – time off with Little Mr and Mama over the School Holidays
    – the Above and Beyond gig in London
    – Poker evening with friends
    – Walsall FC winning their last home game of the 2014/2015 season

    Little Mr has enjoyed

    – Visiting Thomas Land and having a go on all the rides
    – Feeding the donkeys in London
    – Discovering he can catch a ball
    – Going to playgroup with Nanny Shilton
    – Making ‘music’ with his Mickey Mouse guitar


    dear beautiful
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