How to treat yourself on a dairy free diet


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More and more people choose to go dairy free diet – some due to the fact that they are monitoring cholesterol levels, others suffer from heart disease or are allergic to dairy products. Diet without dairy products is a diet that does not contain lactose, any kind of sugar which is naturally present in dairy products.

Apart from lactose intolerance, you can follow this diet for other reasons, such as chronic congestion, digestive problems or acne. If you want to go on a dairy free diet and stay healthy, you need to start it properly. Don’t think that a new diet means a complete rejection of many favorite foods. In fact, you can still have a sweet tooth with lactose intolerance – modern food companies have learned to produce even dairy free chocolate (and it tastes pretty good too!).

Make subtle changes

Start with a slow change in your diet so as not to shock your body and your usual routine. Most people who are planning to start a dairy free diet just try to get rid of all dairy products. It is better to start with gradually reducing the consumption of dairy products.
If you already know what dairy products you currently have in your ration, try to start with removing those products you can easily do without. First, leave only those dairy products you like the most. When you’ll get used to eating fewer dairy products, try to remove a little more products until you completely exclude them.
Stick to your predetermined schedule in order to remain consistent. Diet planning should facilitate your ability to stick to it, even considering that it will be difficult at first.
Here are some examples of how to slowly start changing your diet:
– During the first week, replace cow’s milk with soy milk or another alternative product.
– During the second week, replace cheese with non-dairy cheese.
– Every next week, try to exclude or replace another type of dairy product from your diet.
– Keep a food diary to maintain and track your progress.

Choose alternatives

Choose dairy alternatives to help your diet look less strict. The use of alternative dairy products may seem annoying at first, but over time you will find these products as a natural part of your diet. Find alternatives to milk; alternatives such as soy milk, rice milk and almond milk can be the best way to avoid the use of cow’s milk in your diet.

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