Review: Sleep well with the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime range


johnsons baby bedtime range

Even before Little Mr was born, I had already bought Little Mr his first set of Johnson’s bath toiletries. It’s a brand I have grown up with as my Mom used the same products for both me and my Sister so it was inevitable I wanted to use the same products for my own baby.

Johnson’s have recently launched their Baby Bedtime range which is a product range made specifically to help babies drift off to sleep. The range includes bath wash, lotion, cream, oil and powder.

According to their website “The Johnson’s Baby Bedtime unique 3-step routine is the first and only night-time routine clinically proven* to help babies sleep better in just one week.” With such a bold statement I was even more keen to try the products to see if they could help Little Mr settle off to sleep and stay asleep. We have struggled in the past with Little Mr’s sleeping so was ready to accept any help that a bubble bath could give me.

Johnson’s recommend that parents follow the 3 easy steps of Bath, Massage and Quiet Time before bed to help their babies fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer.

johnsons baby bedtime range1

We tried the recommended routine for 7 consecutive nights and although we don’t usually bath Little Mr so frequently, we were keen to see if it made a difference to his bedtime.

johnsons baby bedtime range2

The Johnson’s Baby Bedtime wash smells really relaxing thanks to the NaturalCalm aromas. A little wash goes a long way and produced plenty of bubbles. It cleansed Little Mr’s skin well and helped to keep his beautifully soft skin supple and smooth.

We used a little of Johnson’s Baby Bedtime lotion to massage into his skin after his bath and it’s much more tricky to do this with a wriggly toddler who won’t keep still. I love the texture of the lotion and the smells really compliments the wash too.

Did it work?

In a nutshell, no. It didn’t work for us but I’m not sure whether that’s because Little Mr is a notoriously difficult sleeper or he’s just too old for the proven routine to work effectively (the sample age of little ones used in the Johnson’s trial was 7 months old)

Overall, we loved the smell and effectiveness of the wash. I didn’t think it helped Little Mr sleep any better but again, he’s a little monkey at bedtime and always has been. We would buy it again as I did think it helped calm Little Mr down before putting him to bed and it did the job in the bath, getting him clean and fresh.

You can find out more about the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime range over on their Facebook page or on their website which is packed full of videos, tips and support.

Disclaimer:We were sent a selection of products for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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