Meal Planning Monday 9th March 2015

Meal Planning Monday


What a week! Last Tuesday I was struck down with a nasty case of tonsillitis and gosh, I felt so poorly. All our meal planning went out the window as I spent all day Wednesday in bed and all day Thursday being nursed by my lovely Mom at her house. I couldn’t eat anything as it was so painful to swallow I had to ask hubby to go on a mercy mission to the supermarket for heavily synned soup from a tin!

I’m feeling much better thanks to a wonderful dose of antibiotics so hopefully can eat lots of lovely tasty food this week.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for our meals this week..

Speedy Bolognese
Lemon and Garlic Chicken
Steak, SW chips and salad
Sausage and Mash with Vegetables and Onion Gravy
Meatballs and Pasta
Chermoula Chicken and fruity Cous Cous

For lunches, I’ve made a saucepan full of vegetable soup. Hubby came home from the supermarket with two big bags soup mix going in the bargain bin for 34 pence each. Brilliant!

Breakfasts will be the usual weetabix with fruit, porridge with fruit or mullerlight yoghurt and fruit for me. Hubby eats cereal at work and Little Mr eats breakfast with his Grandparents.

I’ve got lots on that I want to tick off my to do list this week. I’m so fed up of clutter that I want to declutter the house and get it looking tidy. I spring cleaned the kitchen today (using bizzybee products – review to follow) and I love how I’ve managed to tidy up the space and it almost feels bigger. Love how that happens. Who knows what can happen with the rest of the house!

Have a good week everyone, what are you eating this week?

Emma Shilton

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  1. 09/03/2015 / 10:07 am

    Glad you’re feeling better! What is chermoula chicken?!
    Your meal plan sounds good, enjoy your week!

    • 09/03/2015 / 1:07 pm

      Hi Jen,
      Apparently its a Morrocan inspired dish with lots of herbs and spices. Will instagram it later in the week x

  2. 09/03/2015 / 1:31 pm

    Pleased to hear you are better now. The Chermoula chicken sounds lovely, I did have to Google it! x #mealplanningmonday

  3. 09/03/2015 / 6:27 pm

    Glad you are feeling better now! Sounds like you have a great week planned x

  4. 09/03/2015 / 7:24 pm

    Tasty tasty :) hope you keep getting better this week, have a good one xx

  5. 09/03/2015 / 7:58 pm

    Lemon and garlic chicken sounds nice!
    I’m making honey and garlic this week we seem to have an abundance of garlic that needs using up

  6. 09/03/2015 / 11:14 pm

    Tonsillitis is horrid, i’m glad you’re feeling better now. Chermoula chicken sounds really interesting x

  7. 10/03/2015 / 12:28 pm

    Chermoula chicken sounds interesting, I’ve got some chicken in the freezer so I’ll keep my eyes open. Do you think it could be made weaning friendly too?

    • 10/03/2015 / 5:49 pm

      I think its quite spicy so i’m not sure if Little ones would like it, suppose if they like spicy food it’ll be great for them

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