Living Arrows 2015 – Week 9


Last week was in all honesty, a rubbish week for us all. Both my husband and I were busy with work and we both were feeling quite tired but Little Mr had an even worse week and suffered really badly with teething. He’s at the age where his molars are coming through and they are well and truly giving him grief. It all started on Tuesday evening when he didn’t eat much dinner at his Grandparents house and then on Wednesday morning, he refused to eat any breakfast. I thought it was because he was off to Nursery for his first full day and perhaps it was a combination of being out of his usual routine and something new happening as well as teething.

The day at nursery didn’t go well at all. He got upset as I left and I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as I went to pay our fees in the Managers Office. He didn’t see me get upset but I was feeling pretty rubbish. He didn’t eat anything for breakfast, snack or lunch and when telephoning the Nursery at lunchtime to see how he was getting on they were quite concerned that he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything at all. Queue a telephone call to my fabulous in-laws who went to collect him and reassure him that he hadn’t been abandoned.

It was awful seeing him so upset. He just didn’t look himself at all. Later that evening his temperature was elevated and it was obvious that he was poorly. We felt dreadful. His raised temperature, loss of appetite, continuous dribbling and loss of speech all pointed to teething and this lasted a few days.

Luckily for him and us, he’s been feeling lots better this weekend and has spent some time with my husband watching the planes at the airport and riding on trains whilst Mummy was in London on a Hen Do. He loves trains, planes and pretty much anything else with wheels so he was in his element.

It was good to see him playing with his toys this weekend. He hasn’t wanted to play with them much over the last week so to sit down and play with him has been an absolute pleasure. It’s the small things that keep him happy and I love to see him smiling, despite him refusing to give up the do-do (dummy!)




Living Arrows

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  • Reply Carie 02/03/2015 at 10:49 pm

    Oh poor wee boy – what a rotten time he’s had of it. I’m so glad he’s on the mend now; hopefully the rest of the tooth will come through without too much bother.

  • Reply Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) 03/03/2015 at 8:17 am

    Ah, poor little things and what an awful week for you to. It is so sad to see them so upset, I’m glad he perked up towards the weekend and I hope this week is better xx

  • Reply Katy {What Katy Said} 04/03/2015 at 9:05 pm

    Oh I am sorry you have had a rough time of it, nothing worse than feeling bad about having to leave them. Hope this week has gone better xx

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