Top Tips for Designing Your Baby’s Nursery


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If you are a first time Mummy, one of the things that you are probably thinking about right now is how to design your baby’s nursery. Of course, you want your first child to be cosy and comfortable while he is staying in his own room, so you need to carefully plan the interior design of this area.

However, this task might be quite cumbersome, especially if you aren’t too handy with a paintbrush. But don’t worry, here’s some top tips for designing your nursery while having fun at the same time.

1. Grab a sofa

A sofa is commonly placed in the living room or entertainment room. However, it is highly recommended that you add this furniture in your nursery so that you have somewhere to sit while tending your baby. When choosing a couch, it is important that you consider the size of the room. For small nurseries, you can just place a single recliner. This couch provides great relaxation to you and your child. You can also get a sofa bed if you want furniture with bigger space.

2.  Simple is better

Keep in mind that this nursery is just a temporary room. Once they grow up, you need to redecorate and make it appropriate for his or her age. As much as possible, you need to utilize a design that is simple but ergonomic. While browsing for nursery products on the market, you’ll probably see a lot of nursery trinkets and appliances.

Don’t be fooled by their false promises and just choose what you need.  Buy child-friendly items and not childish ones. The background color of the room should be neutral so you don’t have to redecorate every year.

3. Pick tranquil colours

Tending to your newborn’s needs can be taxing. To keep yourself calm and composed throughout these challenges, paint the walls with colours that have soothing and tranquil effect such as baby blue or light yellow.

4. Safety first

Avoid putting huge stuffed toys in your child’s crib. Even though they’re plush, there is still a big chance that they’ll suffocate if the stuff toy suddenly drops from their faces. Their cots should follow the BS EN 716 standard to make sure that it is kid-safe. In addition, make sure that the cot is far away from heaters, wall sockets, or wall decorations.

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