25 months old, a Little Mr update



25 months old. How did that happen?

Little Mr is surprising us every day of late. He’s coming on in leaps and bounds and I’m such a proud Mama. Quite a bit has happened over the last month.

He’s started to string more words together and he now mostly speaks in sentences. His favourite phrases are “What’s happening Mommy?”, “What’s he doing Mommy?” and “That’s better”. He knows when to use “Please” and “Thank you” in context and he’ll mostly say them without us asking for his manners.

We have a clever young man on our hands. He can count up to 13 and recognises many letters of the alphabet. He can match numbers and letters and shouts “Look Mommy they’re the same!” He can recognise his own name when written down which I think is super clever!


His favourite activities are playing with his cars, cooking chocolate cake in his wooden kitchen, playing with Nanny’s homemade playdoh and colouring in. He loves to watch Peppa Pig, Disney Cars, Curious George and Mr Bean (the animated series). He loves to sing along to Olly Murs and Above and Beyond in the car and he will hum along to songs on the radio. In fact, he loves to have a good ol’ sing song most of the time and will sing nursery rhymes and songs he’s learnt at playgroup with his Nanny.

Olly March 2015

Little Mr loves a bath but hates having his hair washed. He will dodge the jug of water, ask for a flannel to dry his eyes and then dunk the dry flannel in the bath water to wipe his eyes!

The toddler tantrums have well and truly arrived in the Shilton household. Usually when he’s tired or hungry, he’ll have a strop. Over the last couple of weeks, he’s stropped over not being able to watch something specific on the television, Daddy wasn’t home from work before us or that he had mashed potato instead of chips on his plate. He is a very stubborn little man when he wants to be and I can’t imagine where he gets that from (me!)

25 months

This is his “I’m not impressed” face!

Little Mr’s favourite food is pasta carbonara, pizza and cucumber (not all together I must add) He drinks a lot of water and we’ve noticed he does get a bit silly when he’s had a Fruit Shoot at the pub or at a restaurant. We now take our own drinks for him to stop him playing up!

I do love this age. He can tell us what he likes, what he wants and what he doesn’t want yet he’s still very little and learning every day.

His sleeping is still a bit of an issue. One day he’ll sleep through, the next he’ll wake up at midnight and demand to see his Daddy completely ignoring me and scream until he nearly throws up. He’s definitely a Daddy’s boy at the moment which is lovely to see but not at 3am and we all need our sleep!

Every day is a learning day and he’s taking so much in. He saw the stars last night as I collected him from my Parents house and he was amazed by them. He kept asking where the moon and was delighted when he saw it. It really is the small things that make him happy and it’s fantastic to see. I’m appreciating everything in a different perspective through him and that is certainly something to cherish. Being his Mama really is the best thing.

25 months.1

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