Transformation Tuesday


It’s weigh in day for me and I’ll be stepping on the scales at group later this evening. I’m hoping for good things as I’ve been really good this week but I was a bit naughty last night and sneaky peeked on the scales whilst Little Mr was in the bath. I’d literally just had my beef stew and mash dinner an hour before along with a cup of tea and a pint of squash so it’s no wonder the scales looked a lot heavier than I expected. Gutted! I should learn my own lesson though the amount of time I tell people not to sneaky peek!

top tip: do not sneaky peek – it’s not good

I wanted to take advantage of today, Transformation Tuesday to have a look back at some photographs of myself to see if I could see the difference of my weightloss over the last 26 weeks. I’ve lost 46.5lb so far (3 stone 4.5lb) and although I do feel like I’m only chipping away at the top of an iceberg, it’s still early days and there’s a lot more year to chip off the block yet!

transformation tuesday

Looking back at the top left hand photographs, I’m rather disgusted with myself. I look like I have huge sausage arms and no neck and if I’m honest, I don’t look very happy despite the smile.

Fast forward to my latest photograph, actually taken on Saturday 31st January 2015 but it was as close to February as I could get for this collage, and I can see a difference.

I’ve got some full body shots stored away on a memory card for when I feel comfortable in sharing them. Luckily for you, it’s not today. I’m not ready to show off the full extent of my obesity issues. I’m also a little bit worried that I won’t see a difference if I put them alongside a current pic, despite the weightloss. Perhaps it’s a confidence thing.

I’m 2 dress sizes down since July 2014 and I’m happy with that so far. I’m still well and truly in plus size clothes but at least I don’t have to exclusively shop in ‘larger lady’ shops now. I’m feeling a lot healthier, I don’t turn to food now as a reward or for comfort. I think twice before I shovel rubbish in my mouth and opt for a glass of squash or a cup of tea instead. I’m no angel though hence why I’ve got a lot of weight left to lose but I’m utilising the Free Foods on the Slimming World plan and it works.

Five months ago I posted this…

keep going

Last week I saw my Uncle at my Grandads birthday party and he asked me where my other half had gone. I obviously thought he meant my hubby but no, he meant me, he meant my body. I smiled and it made my day, thanks Uncle Dave!

No-one promised it was easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

I’m still hugely motivated to keep going, I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I want to slim into and I want to get to at least the weight I was at when we conceived our Son. Little Mr needs a sibling and time waits for no-one!

What motivates you? Old photographs? Seeing other people do well? I’d love to hear what keeps you going!

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  • Reply Susan Mann 04/02/2015 at 2:48 pm

    You are doing fab, keep going x

  • Reply Hannah 04/02/2015 at 7:08 pm

    My first encouragement was going on holiday with the boys to Blackpool and we came home a diverted route through the Lakes and stopped at Tarn Hows on our way past. We walked round the lake and I stopped pretty much just to wait for them rather than to take a breather. When Chris and I went three years before that I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. The second was fitting in my clothes better (And then having to hitch up my trousers because they no longer fit!)

    I then went dress shopping before going out with my friends in October having been doing SW for about two and a bit months. I wasn’t quite in a 14 so still bought a 16 and was a little disappointed but when I saw my friends they made all the difference because they wouldn’t stop talking about how good I looked!

    Since Jaxon arrived I’ve still been in my over the bump maternity trousers (or yoga pants!) because so far there hasn’t been any point in purchasing new trousers. But it’s now getting to the point where my maternity trousers are resembling MC Hammer Pants! The elasticated waist band ends up where as normal waist band would be and so the crotch is somewhere near my knees! Much to the amusement of Our Sidekick and Chris!

  • Reply Katie @mummydaddyme 04/02/2015 at 9:47 pm

    You are just looking absolutely amazing Em! You should be so proud of yourself- such an inspiration for others. Slimming World should hire you to be their Blogger Spokesperson! x

  • Reply The Blacklist, Preschool & Fruity Cake // #LittleLoves - Love From Mummy 06/02/2015 at 9:17 am

    […] a talented photographer and always captures her little family so perfectly. Mrs Shilts’s  Transformation Tuesday post gave an update on her weight loss journey. She is looking AMAZING and has lost an incredible […]

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