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As a learner driver (many moons ago) I was very enthusiastic and eager to pass my driving test. I was fed up of asking my Parents to give me a lift to my friends house or to work and I just wanted my own independence. I wanted the freedom of being able to get in the car, at whatever time of day and drive myself somewhere.

I had lessons in a sporty black Vauxhall Corsa and it was a lovely car to drive. It made me feel good and I enjoyed my lessons. I quickly learnt many skills including reversing around a corner (a skill I’ve never had to use since) parallel parking (which has been improved upon on many occasions in our road) and a three point turn.

Little did I know it would take me no less that four attempts to pass my driving test. Yes, four times! I was devastated every time I failed but knew exactly why upon returning to the test centre.

Things I wish I had known

– Roundabouts are tricky things. It’s best to not stall on a roundabout especially during the morning rush hour (gulp!)

– It’s best to stick within the speed limit. It can be a very expensive mistake to learn!

– Don’t leave your petrol cap on the roof of the car when filling up with fuel. You will fill up the tank and forget to replace the cap, pay for the petrol and then drive off the forecourt resulting in you running over your own petrol cap and smashing it to smithereens.

– When getting a new car, learn where to put your screen wash. It does not go in the oil or water tanks!

– Don’t believe your husband/partner/parents when they say that the red light for fuel means you have at least 30 mile left before you need to refuel. Fill up as soon as you can!

– Choose your insurance wisely. More Than Smart Wheels insurance is very clever and with the installation of a black box records the driving experience and feeds back your score to the insurance company. There are no fines or insurance premium increases for bad driving but you could be rewarded if you are a good driver. There are no mileage limits of curfews so you could save up to £440 per year on your insurance.

Pass your test, get the mileage under your belt and experience the seasons from behind the wheel. Driving in snow and ice is completely different to driving in the rain.

Moving from learner driver to a licensed driver test is one of the biggest milestones of your life. It gives you the freedom and independence to explore the world around you and is probably one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Good luck!

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  • Reply Andy1st 20/05/2016 at 2:14 pm

    I couldn’t drive with my daughter when she was learning — I think I would freak her out. My husband did it all — she is now been driving for 1 year on her own. She is doing great and really responsible

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