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If you’re anything like me – and most bloggers – you spent some time at the end of last year reflecting on 2014’s blogging successes and pitfalls. When working on a blog, most of us pick up skills and tricks as we go along, but there is always more to learn, so I’ve compiled some tips to help you reboot your blog and have a great 2015!

1. Plan your posts

Many of us have the best intentions and start the year saying ‘I’ll write two or three top quality posts every week!’ It’s easy to run out of steam, though, and within a short time we’re back to hashing together a post that could have been brilliant if we hadn’t set aside less than twenty minutes to write it. To ensure you’ve always got posts in the pipeline, plan them out on a calendar, leaving at least two days between each one, so you can focus on each individual post. For the content itself, note down a plan before sitting down to write, so you know exactly what you want to include! Some weeks will be busier than others, so it’s also a good idea to write some posts that can be scheduled to publish while you get on with other work.

2. Utilise social media

Use the relevant tags and keywords when publicising your post online, but don’t overdo them and put readers off clicking on your blog. Take time to reply to comments and thank people for sharing your work – blogging is a social enterprise, and you won’t get very far if you don’t engage with your audience!

3. Verify your email subscriber list

Every good blog has an email subscribe widget so readers can receive posts in their inbox. It’s an easy way for readers to keep up-to-date with your latest blogs, but remember that some email subscribers are spammers. Email verification of your subscribers will check that they’re actual people. There’s no point emailing someone who doesn’t exist!

4. Be genuine

Readers can tell a mile off if you’re only blogging to make money or promote a cause or product. The key to a successful blog is the blogger’s passion for their subject – so make sure your readers connect with you as a person and fully understand who you are.

I hope these tips help you to reboot your blog in 2015. Now, stop reading lists and start blogging!

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