Crawling towards that 4 stone loss award…

The weeks seem to be flying by and so of course it was another Tuesday which meant weigh in. I’d had an ok-ish week on plan. I’d made sensible choices at meal times and swapped chips for jacket potatoes or salad. I had tried to drink lots of water throughout the day and ate fruit for snacks. Whilst we were away in Wales, I even went to the supermarket and stocked up on fresh fruit and yoghurts to eat in the evening whilst my husband and Little Mr had dessert or raided the biscuits.

I lost 1.5lb which was satisfying. I had eaten some sneaky bites of Little Mr’s white bread and a few (too many) of his crisps and although I had synned them, I probably under estimated them and need to stop this little habit of mine and resist all crap that isn’t on plan.


I’ve now lost 52.5lb which is 3 stone 10.5lb in 29 weeks. I know this is a good effort but I really wish it would come off quicker. I see lots of slimmers on Instagram losing 3 – 5lb per week and really wish I could do that! I do wonder if they’re exercising lots and being angelic when it comes to not picking at their children’s plates so I should remind myself of that when I go to do it at home!

There’s just 3.5lb to get my four stone loss award and I can see. It’s just there (grabs at it but it’s slightly out of reach) so I need to work on resisting everything naughty and stay on plan. I’d really like to get at least half way to target this year. I’ve got a lot more weight to lose so I’ve got to dig down and get on with it!

This weekend I’m down in London town celebrating my friend’s future nuptials. It’s her Hen Do and I’m really excited to see her and have a good girly day in the big smoke with chocolate cocktails (WOW!) and having a good catch up. I’m going to have to be really good on Saturday so hoping I can save some syns somewhere so I can have a little treat. Check out my Instagram feed to see how I get on!

Don’t forget to enter the Food Glorious Food recipe book giveaway. It ends on Saturday 7th March. Good luck!

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  • Reply Donna

    You are doing amazingly! Well done Emma! x

    25/02/2015 at 10:03 pm
  • Reply Susan Mann

    You are doing amazing. Well done lovely xx

    26/02/2015 at 3:55 pm
  • Reply ClearlyBex

    Emma, you are doing amazingly well hun! You’ve achieved so much more than I have (although you are clearly more dedicated than I am too!). You will soon be kissing that 4st award. Can’t wait to see you soon!!

    26/02/2015 at 7:55 pm
    • Reply Emma Shilton

      Thank you Bex, I have a LONG way to go before I’m near target so got to drop as much weight as I can.. Must see you soon!

      27/02/2015 at 7:31 am
  • Reply Samantha

    Hello, well done on your loss. I stumbled across your blog while browsing slimming world success stories. I’ve lost 2 stone 8.5lbs in 10 weeks on SW. I’ve also been blogging etc and posting all my meals. I usually lose 3.5 lbs a week ish. I’ve been following SP. I’m happy to share tips etc and recipes. I’m a fellow mummy too. Baby is 10 months old xx

    15/03/2015 at 5:45 pm
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