5 fun online hobbies for mums


After a lengthy day spent taking care of the children, all a mother wants to do is sit back, take things easy and get some peace and quiet. Then again, this is often the only real time she will have for pursuing interests of her own, making it important to make the most of it. These five online hobbies combine fun and relaxation.

Online casino gaming

How easy is it to access? Very easy, as the number of these sites is increasing all the time, some of these are designed for specific devices such as iPhoneCasino.ca. All you have to do is register and deposit some money to start playing.

Is it time consuming? Games like poker are longer and more involved than slot machines, but you should always give yourself a time limit each time you play.

Fun rating: 5/5

Watching television

How easy is it to access? If you sign up to streaming sites like Netflix or Blinkbox, the entire world of television is yours when you want it.

Is it time consuming? Following long-form US dramas can be, but you can watch as and when it suits you.

Fun rating: 4/5


How easy is it to access? Very, as you can use templates like WordPress and get started straight away.

Is it time consuming? It can be very time consuming as it becomes quite addictive, but you can post as regularly as you want and it can offer a fulfilling creative outlet.

Fun rating: 5/5

Learning to code

How easy is it to access? There are sites like Code Cademy that will teach you from scratch, at no cost. It might sound incredibly geeky but it is something I would love to learn more of.

Is it time consuming? You have to put time into it if you want to get better quickly, but it can be rewarding and even earn you extra money

Fun rating: 4/5

Studying online

How easy is it to access? You can find colleges all over the world providing courses to study online now.

Is it time consuming? Like learning to code, it will require a time commitment, but is well worth it – and the schedules are usually flexible.

Fun rating: 5/5

As you can see the online world really is your oyster, offering thousands of options for relaxing, learning and having fun in the evenings.

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