27 weeks in..


After a weekend of birthday celebrations and a couple of slices of homemade birthday cake (it would have been rude not too!) I faced the scales at group on Tuesday evening. I wasn’t too surprised to see I had stayed the same weight considering I had eaten a slice of pizza and a couple of wedges for Little Mr’s birthday tea before hand and it’s that time of the month! I had been on plan the rest of the week, staying within my syns and trying to make wise choices but all those factors combined kept my weight as a maintain for week 27.

This week I’m attempting to really step it up. I want to see a fab weight loss next week. I really want to smash the 4 stone barrier by the end of February. There’s 16 days left of the month and I’ve got 6.5lb to go to reach that mini target.

What I’m doing to step it up

– Drinking lots of water and squash (attempting to drink more than 3 Litres of water per day)

– Eating lots of speed foods with my meals and adding salad to bulk out meals

– Eating within my syns

– Reducing (not cutting out) the amount of carbs I’m eating; potatoes, rice and pasta


In group this week, my consultant mentioned that in late March there is a group competition for the Greatest Loser (I think thats the correct title) and it’s basically an award that goes to the member of group who has lost the most amount of weight so far. My consultant mentioned that I was up against another member as we both have lost over 3 and a half stone to date so now there’s another carrot being dangled in front of me and I’d love to get that award. I’ve got a lot of work to put in between now and then but it would be amazing to be recognised for how much weight I’ve lost so far but a lot can happen between now and then!

wake up

hurdles this week

There’s nothing standing in my way this week to hinder me staying on plan so I’m going to try my hardest and have a fab week! I’m even going to try and get some body magic in this week and get out and about over the weekend with the dog. Bring on the sunshine!

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  • Reply Donna 13/02/2015 at 10:27 pm

    Good luck lovely! x

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