8 tips for a couple’s professional photography experience


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Have you got a professional photography experience coming up? Is it your first and you’re not sure what to expect? With Valentine’s Day approaching it could be the perfect time to get a couples photograph done. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, engaged to be married or just happy to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend, a professional photograph is the perfect way to boast your love for one another.

Below is a list of 8 tips that will ensure you catch some magical moments on camera when going for a professional photography experience:

  1. Decide what ‘look’ you are going for. Do you want a themed photography experience? Do you want the photograph in a studio or outdoors?
  2. Look online for inspiration. Pinterest is full of inspiration that can help you decide how you’d like to have your photograph with your partner. Researching how you want your photograph to look will make it much easier to find the right photographer and answer the photographer’s questions during your session. Look for photographers who offer a range of different experiences for example Venture Photography offer anything from family portraits to pet photography.
  3. Think about the style you want – are you looking for black and white or colour? What poses do you want to try? Do you want the photograph to look vintage or modern?
  4. Go to the photography experience prepared. Think about what you’re wearing – are you dressing formal or casual? It might look odd if one of you chose casual and the other formal. Think about the environment you are having the photo taken when choosing what you are wearing. Try and wear clothes that you normally wear to convey your personality in the photograph – don’t try and be someone you are not.
  5. Leave with plenty of time – nothing’s worse than rushing to an appointment and then ruining your outfit, hair or in a female’s case, their make-up. Bear in mind that there could be traffic, you need to find somewhere to park, you might bump into a friend etc.
  6. When at the photographers, it is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable otherwise the photographs will look forced and unnatural. Ensure that you trust your photographer – he/she knows what they are doing as they have done it many times before. Their job is to make you look good so let them do just that. Don’t be embarrassed to get into poses that they ask of you – you might be surprised how great the picture turns out later.
  7. If you’ve got a particular object that you both love that you think would look great in the photograph, ask the photographer if they could incorporate it into the shots. For example, if you have a pet that you both adore and has a large impact in your life, maybe bring him/her along – but ask first!
  8. Once the pictures are developed and you’ve chosen which to buy – show it off proudly. Frame it, send it to friends, set it as your phone screensaver etc. You’ve put a lot of effort into making it perfect so now it’s time to show it off and show off your love for one another – it’s ok to be cringey now and then!

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