The 10 Best Places to Volunteer for Gaining Useful Skills and Great Experience


It’s never too early or too late to volunteer in order to broaden your experience and gain new skills. Volunteering will not only boost your CV but give you great, worthwhile experiences and enable you to meet new people. There are few sectors which do not have volunteer opportunities in some form. Here are a few examples of volunteering which is likely to prove valuable in more than one way.

Animal Rescue Shelters

If you are an animal-lover, you will get lots out of volunteering at rescue shelters. As well as develop your understanding of animal welfare, posts at animal rescue shelters will develop your confidence and give you a feeling of putting something back into the community.

Care Homesshutterstock_147404285

Volunteering at care homes for the elderly, as well as other types of care facility, present great opportunities to develop skills for the worlds of health and social care. So if you are considering a career in medicine or becoming a carer, the skills you will learn volunteering at a care home will be invaluable.


Larger museum organisations have several departments in which it is often possible to volunteer. Whether you are interesting conservation, customer service, curation or marketing there may be a volunteer role for you.


Libraries are fantastic local resources for the community where lots of events happen. Volunteering at a library will provide you with customer service skills and plug you in to a vibrant network of community groups.

Homeless Shelters


As well as the rewarding aspect of such a placement, you can learn administration, problem solving and people skills by working at a homeless shelter. Such a role will also expose you to a side of life that you have perhaps been shielded from.

Political Campaigns

This is the perfect time to get involved in political activism. With an election around the corner, discontent with the current government widespread, you can do your bit to make a difference. Being politically engaged means developing knowledge of all aspects of life and will therefore look fantastic on a CV.

Charity Shops

Customer service skills are amongst the most transferable, making charity shop volunteering valuable experience. Cash handling and stock-taking experience may also benefit your CV.


Many charities and community groups run mentoring scheme which will give you the opportunity to help young people who are in need of guidance. Such rewarding work will help you if you are considering a career in education or youth work.


Volunteering as a steward or in an organisational capacity at events will put you in good stead for applying for the myriad of jobs out there which incorporate event planning.

St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance provide you first aid and other training opportunities when you volunteer with them. You will also get the satisfaction of knowing you are making a real difference.

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