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Have you seen the latest video by Virgin Media – if not, you should watch it. The video revolves around the character named Ed the Sofa Bear. If you have teenagers you will notice the similarities between Ed and them! Ed the Sofa Bear loves to watch television and in fact sits in front of it ironically on the sofa for hours on end – just staring at the television set.

Ed says: “I’m playing a man who likes sitting around watching a lot of telly, which is kinda ironic really because I love sitting around watching telly. So I’m a bear … playing a man … who acts like a bear … but I’m acting like a man […] It’s like Inception or something.”

Ed The Sofa Bear

Like Ed, all teenagers just love to sit in front of the television and let their brains frazzle, which annoys parents up and down the country. Well, here are some helpful hints and tips to help you tackle your teenager’s television addiction; to stop them from turning into Ed the Sofa Bear.

Explain, explain

To begin with you should explain to your moody teenagers that they simply watch too much television and you are unhappy with it. You should also inform them that the amount being watched is going to be monitored from now on.

Discussion time

You should then discuss with your teenagers how much time they are spending and why. From this discussion you can decide on how much time per day they can watch television, depending on when their favourite programmes are and what time they are on.

Turn the TV off

So many of us are guilty of having the television on in the background whilst we are having dinner or conversations – well stop! Turn the television off when it is not needed to be on, this will also allow for more family conversation.

Encourage outdoor activities

If your teens love to play football or dance, encourage them to do more of it. Often kids choose to sit in front of the television because they are bored, well, encourage them to go out and let out some energy.

But above all, you should remember to set a good example – if your teens see that you are spending hours in front of the television too, they will be less likely to adhere to your rules.

Whilst Ed the Sofa Bear lives a pretty comfortable life, watching everything and anything he likes on his Virgin Media television – your teens shouldn’t be doing quite the same thing.

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  • Reply Donna 12/01/2015 at 10:18 pm

    For me I think the best way to deal with this is to moderate the amount of TV time from an early age and never make TV the norm, keep it as a limited treat. It will probably not work out like that in the long run but here’s hoping! x

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