Little Mr – 23 month update


LM 23.1


Little Mr, next month you are TWO!

Twenty three months old and your personality has definitely began to shine. You are cheeky, loving, very clever and bright and you really do make my day with your big cheeky smile showing off all your beautiful pearly whites.

Over the last month we’ve had a tough month. You didn’t take well to your new big boy bed which lead to disrupted sleep for us all. Your Daddy went to work on 3 hours sleep on one occasion despite Mama trying to calm you down all night. Luckily for us, you’ve settled back down and have *touch wood* slept through the night over the last three nights so hopefully we’ve turned a corner and you’re enjoying your sleep again. We won’t be moving you into your big boy bed until we know for certain that you’re ready but rest assured it won’t be for a while yet.

You have developed a rather defiant streak which appears when you don’t have much sleep hence why we are very keen for you to still nap during the afternoon. You will sometimes ignore instructions, throw things on the floor and just be generally naughty. It’s not a streak of your personality that we particularly like and we don’t want you to make a habit of showing this side of you off to other people. Luckily, you haven’t been naughty for your Grandparents (or at least they haven’t told us about it) so it’s mainly isolated defiance! I’m lead to believe this is the start of the terrible twos which I’m not enjoying but I’m sure you’re just trying to work out what you can and cannot do and get away with. You’ll be pushing those boundaries and I’m afraid Mama and Daddy will be there to make sure you step back in line.

LM 23.2

Your favourite things this past month have involved your wooden kitchen, your trackmaster Thomas and Spencer trains and Cars on DVD. We have literally watched Cars on repeat since New Year and you now know practically all the words and will even sing some of the songs.  You love stories with Daddy and will happily read a book in bed. Your favourite books are still the Thomas and Friends collection and ‘On the Farm’ from our February 2013 Baby group Secret Santa.

For the record, you’re wearing size 7H shoes and you’re in aged 2-3 clothes. All of a sudden you’ve grown a couple more inches and your trousers fit you better and they’re not so long on you. You were a very lucky boy over Christmas and had some lovely clothes. In particular you love your Gruffalo top and your IgglePiggle pyjamas.

You still have a ‘do-do’ (dummy) for naptime and bedtime but we’re eager to remove this from you shortly. It’s not going to be pretty but we’ll crack the sleeping first then move onto sending the dummy to the dummy fairies!

You still have a bottle of milk in the mornings and your favourite breakfast is croissants and chocolate crisp weetabix (you only get croissants when Daddy brings the leftover ones home from work, you’re not spoiled and get them everyday!) For lunch, you love the humble sandwich and will wolf down a cheese sandwich with cucumber. You love pizza and will request it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If only we could get away with eating that Son!

LM 23.3

You know your numbers from 1-12 and can recognise your own name written down. Surprisingly you can also recognise the word ‘farm’ and will happily point it out when we’re driving past Farmfoods.

There’s lots of change on the horizon and you’re growing up so so quickly. We are so proud of you and we love you to the moon and back Son, forever and always.

LM 23.4

Little Mr – aged 23 months

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  • Reply Linz M 21/01/2015 at 12:46 pm

    I know it’s disheartening but don’t be so hard on yourself, you have done so amazingly well. I’m about 4 weeks ahead of you on SW and I’ve not lost nearly as much as you… A maintain is such much better than a gain and I’m pretty sure you’ll be rewarded next week xx

  • Reply Linz M 21/01/2015 at 12:47 pm

    And I’m so stupid, I commented on the wrong post! Let me try that again :)

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