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After last week’s insignificant result on the scales, I wanted to have a really good week on plan. I was so frustrated that I hadn’t lost weight, I don’t understand it sometimes. I thought I had done pretty much the same as the last 24 weeks where I’ve lost weight but the scales didn’t seem to reward my efforts.

So back to the drawing board this week, back to basics and see if I was doing something that I didn’t realise I was doing that wasn’t helping me. After filling in my SAS logs that my SW consultant gave me, the results showed that whilst I plan my meals (which are mostly synfree) I use my syns for a treat in the evening and sometimes the treat isn’t always accurately counted. I also discovered I’ve been ‘pinching’ a couple of bites here and there of Little Mr’s meals. So I’d bite the crust on his white toast or pinch a chip or two from his plate. Obviously this all adds up so need to reign that in. No pinching little bits off anyone’s plate!

This week I stood on the scales to see I’d lost one pound. You can imagine my face as I stood on those scales but I’m glad that I lost something no matter how small and if I could lose at least 1lb per week between now and the end of the year I’d be 52lb lighter. I’d be hugely chuffed with that. It would mean I’m at my lowest weight in at least 10 years and that would be fantastic!

The plan this week is to be more aware of what I’m eating. Hubby and I have a meal out on Friday evening which won’t be very SW friendly so if I can be good for the remaining 20 meals of the week I’m hoping I can have a good loss. Combine that with minimising syns to less than 10 per day, having lots more free/speed food with my meals and drinking lots of water and no added sugar squash, I am hoping with everything crossed that next week’s weightloss will be more exciting! My determination is sky high so I’m hoping that it’ll be a good one.

So overall January wasn’t my best month on the SW plan (no Slimmer of the Month for me!) but I’m super determined to make February count.

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  • Reply Confessions of a New Mummy 28/01/2015 at 9:22 pm

    Slow and steady wins the race ;) You’re doing so well, just remember that you’re losing each week and thats a fantastic achievement in itself, let alone when you add it all up xx

  • Reply Donna 28/01/2015 at 11:06 pm

    My MIL, the WW leader, calls this BLT syndrome – Bites Licks & Tastes! We’re all guilty of it and usually forget we’ve stollen that chip as soon as we’ve eaten it! I need to reign that in too, you’re doing amazingly! x

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