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I make no secret that I love taking photographs. I probably take around 5-15 photographs every day ranging from quick snaps of my meals for Instagram, the sunrise on the way to work, the weather from our office window (snow, sunshine and rainbows) new purchases, things I need to remember, daily photographs of my Little Mr, cheeky selfies, the list is endless. I take a lot of photographs, it’s something I do and I’m known for.

I love to take photographs to capture the moment. The moment when Little Mr opens a box with a new toy in, the moment when my Grandparents entertain Little Mr, he laughs so much and gets the hiccups or the moment when your friends wedding decorations are stunning you need to get a photo!


My walls at home are full of photographs of family and friends. I can’t take the credit for all the photographs as some have been professionally taken and they take pride of place in our dining room for all to see. Others are basic but loved just as much. I would love to be able to take such breathtaking photographs. I don’t have the knowledge nor the skills but luckily for the technophobes like me out there, there are some amazing superzoom cameras on the market that do a lot of the hard work for you. It’s (apparently) very easy to take a stunning photograph just by tweaking the settings on the digital camera, point and shoot away.

This year I can’t wait to fill more of my walls and albums with photographs of precious family times. I can’t wait until the sunshine comes out to go to the beach to take some of Little Mr enjoying himself playing in the sand and paddling in the sea. I can’t wait to capture precious moments on film to look back on and smile at. Life is good.

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