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    Me and Mine December 2015

    Me and Mine December 2015

    Oh December, what a wonderful month you have been. It’s been one of excitement, anticipation and merriment, full of precious family time, trips to see Father Christmas and Christmas holiday fun.

    This month Mummy has

    • enjoyed the long two week Christmas break off work
    • loved playing around with HTML and coding redesigning her blog
    • cried watching Olly’s reaction to his presents on Christmas morning (he was so so sweet!)
    • loved spending time with family over Christmas
    • relaxed her diet over Christmas and gained weight..naughty dieter!

    This month Daddy has

    • ended his career as Head of Department / Teacher in a Secondary School and will be starting his new role as a Senior University Lecturer in January
    • loved spending time with the family which was very much needed
    • going out with his friends celebrating Christmas / End of Term

    This month Olly has

    • been a superstar with his potty training and has been ‘dry’ over Christmas with no accidents.
    • been spoiled with all the lovely Christmas gifts from family and friends with his most favourite toy being the Disney Cars Mack Transporter gifted from Father Christmas (wink!)
    • watched Frozen, The Polar Express and Arthur Christmas on DVD and really enjoyed them.
    • behaved really well given the late party nights seeing family and has enjoyed more than one or two lie-ins, whoop!

    Shilton Family December 2015

    Lots of our family photographs this month feature Olly pulling the most hilarious faces. He’s always got his tongue out or pulling his eyelids down. We’re really struggling to get serious sensible photographs with him in. Luckily this one below looks quite cute.

    Me and Mine December 2015

    There’s no ‘New Year New Me’ post as I do think I’m not too shabby as I am but with the new year just around the corner, Mummy’s New Years resolution is to be kinder to herself and to put herself first more often. Daddy’s New Years resolution is to ‘win more games when he goes one nil up‘ (Darts related resolution!)

    We have loved taking part in Me and Mine this year. I am so glad we joined in with the project back in January 2015. You can visit all my monthly posts here and watch Olly grow in to an adorable little boy along the way.

    I do hope you’ll join me next year for Me and Mine as we take part for another year. We have lots pinned on 2016 as ‘our family year’ so we hope you can join us along for the ride!

    Happy New Year xx

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