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If you are an international student who prefers not to partake in Christmas festivities, a native who isn’t a fan of this particular holiday or just do not feel like it this year, December can be a difficult time of the month. From every channel on the television to every single shop on the high street, it seems there is nowhere to hide from the all-encompassing power of Father Christmas. It can be especially difficult if you are away from your family or have recently come out of a long-term relationship. Well fear not, it is possible to get through to January without succumbing to the festivities. Here are a few ideas to help you de-Christmas your December.

Make Your Home a Christmas-free Zone

Your home can be your sanctuary from Christmas. If you live in student accommodation in London or any other type of shared living space, you may need to persuade your housemates to refrain from putting up Christmas decorations or filling the house with awful Christmas music. However, chances are they will be going home to spend the festive period with their family and if they aren’t, they will probably have a similar attitude to you.

Bollywood Cinemas

Cinemas such as Cineworld Feltham and Odeon Marble Arch in London regularly show Bollywood films as well as other world cinema. This is a great way to escape the western obsession with snowmen, reindeer and Santa Claus. If you don’t want to venture to a cinema (with the very real risk of the pre-movie Christmas adverts) why not have a non-Christmas movie marathon in your flat?

 Try an Alternative Christmas Dinner

There are several places in London which are offering alternatives to the traditional roast dinner this Christmas. Restaurants such as Pizza East, Hakkasan and Kopapa are all profiled in this article by Esquire. On the other hand, you could cook your own cuisine which is as far away from the normal Christmas dinner as possible in your own home.

Find Fellow Christmas-haters

You are certainly not the only person who doesn’t enjoy the commercialism, forced jollity and sentimentality of Christmas. For example, there is an I Hate Christmas Facebook group with close to 2,000 likes and it is certainly not the only place on the net where like-minded people vent their frustrations towards the festival. Take to social media to find some people to spend the festive period with well away from Christmas.


The most effective way to way to escape Christmas is to get away from any country which has succumbed to its all-encompassing festivities. This is by no means easy with countries such as Cuba and Vietnam, traditionally not concerned with the festival, now taking to Christmas with gusto. Sri Lanka is said to be one of the few remaining corners of the world still untouched by the pageantry.

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