RSPCA continues to rescue dogs this Christmas – but they need help


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has been working tirelessly since 1824 to stop the cruelty to all animals in the UK. With their vision of a world where humans respect and live in harmony with animals they have rescued millions of mistreated and abused animals … but they still need our help.

Each winter, the RSPCA tackles the difficult task of putting an end to animal cruelty. It’s hard to think that while you enjoy a festive meal with the kids, animals across the country could be suffering abuse and neglect – as documented in the charity’s latest campaign video: The Snowglobe.

The RSPCA video highlights the work they undertake to rescue dogs, cats and other animals in need. The Snowglobe highlights the two different scenarios which pets can be placed in – the happy home and the neglectful, abusive home where they are tossed around and mistreated at the will of humans, becoming nothing more than a toy inside a snowglobe.

The RSPCA is doing everything they can to reduce the number of animals being mistreated and you and your family can help. If you rehome a dog then make sure you consider what this will mean for your family and ensure it is the right decision for you – these tips on how to bring a new dog home can help if you go ahead with rehoming.

Of course, you don’t have to rehome a rescue dog yourself – instead you can donate to their Christmas appeal and ensure that the charity has the funds it needs to keep working against animal cruelty.

Get involved

Whilst donating to the RSPCA is a great way to provide them with the support they need, there are other things you can do to help.

Recycle any unwanted items with the RSPCA and enjoy the feeling of knowing you have helped save animals in need. You can also get involved by fundraising or through adopting a pet through a regular donation – a great option if your kids want to own a pet but it just wouldn’t be suitable for your lifestyle.

By getting involved, you’ll be helping a charity which was the first to introduce a law against cruelty to animals. On average, someone in England or Wales contacts their animal cruelty hotline every 30 seconds and in 2013 alone they received a total of 1,327,849 phone calls. They also inspect a total of 150,000 complaints of animal cruelty per year and without your support they wouldn’t be able to save as many animals as they do.

Spread the true meaning of Christmas this winter as we enter the New Year and show the RSPCA your support.

Say #NotToCruelty this winter with the RSPCA. Look at the fundraising options or join their Christmas Appeal and text RESCUE to 84010 to donate £3.

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