Meal Planning Monday w/b 8th December 2014


mpm wb 24.11.2014

Woohoo only TWO more weeks left at work (7 working days for me) until Christmas! I am so excited, I cannot wait to have two whole weeks off work with my lovely little family with no alarm clock and no worrying about going to bed before 11pm. But before we get there, we have two weeks of work to get through, a Meal Planning Monday, a Christmas party and a Parents Evening for hubby to organise and sit through (he’s a Teacher).

This week we’re eating some of our favourite meals that we can add quite a bit of frozen veg to. We have an abundance of vegetables in the freezer so we’re trying to use them all up ahead of the new year. Aside from the usual weigh in tomorrow evening and Parents Evening for hubby on Thursday, we have a quiet week to get ahead with making Christmas cards and wrapping presents. Our Christmas Tree went up at the weekend and it looks (and smells) amazing. I’m really happy with how it looks and Little Mr loves the coloured lights.

little mr lights

Talking of Christmas, we had our family pre-Christmas meal yesterday and I had the afternoon off SW and enjoyed a yummy meal at a local restaurant. I enjoyed a spicy chicken and mango salad, vegetable soup, slow roasted beef with mushrooms and shallots and a chocolate brownie with Baileys cream. It was delicious and I was really full up by the time I’d eaten my beef and a single roast potato. Made way for my dessert though (old habits die hard!)

But I was celebrating the fact I could wear my new dress from New Look and I loved the outfit and felt brilliant. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Shiltons 2014

I’ve got my works Christmas party on Friday so intend to be really good and on plan the rest of the week and get straight back on plan the morning after and hopefully I can limit any damage and hopefully I’ll be wearing my new sparkly party dress from Simply Be.

This is what we’re eating this week;

Zesty one pan chicken
Speedy chicken with vegetable
Slow Cooker Bacon, BNS and Sweet Potato Stew
Jacket Potatoes and Chilli from the freezer with a side salad
Meatballs and mash for the boys and Big Mac in a bowl for me

I’m really intrigued by the Big Mac in a bowl recipe. It’s ‘supposed’ to taste just like a Big Mac but a healthier SW version so can’t wait to try it our. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow night to see how the success express plan has helped with my weightloss. I really hope it’s given me a boost and I’m actually looking forward to standing on those scales to see what the difference is!

If you’re weighing in this week, good luck on the scales and I hope you have a great week.

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  • Reply Donna 08/12/2014 at 10:41 pm

    Looking forward to seeing how the Big Mac turns out! x

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