Little Mr’s second Christmas | Christmas 2014


And in a flash it’s all over. The months of saving, planning and preparation over in a matter of a few short days. It’s been worth it though. With Little Mr at an age where he is becoming increasingly aware of what is going on around him, this Christmas was the one where we celebrated his second Christmas and where the magic got real.

We enjoyed precious time with family in the lead up to the big day and it was lovely for Little Mr to enjoy the company of his Uncles who live down in London. He loves spending time with the family and it’s something we hope to do a lot more of in the new year.


The magic began on Christmas Eve as we gave Little Mr his Christmas Eve treats box. In the box he found a new pair of Christmas pyjamas, a couple of Christmas books, a chocolate reindeer lollipop, a Christmas plate with The Snowman on and a packet of magic reindeer food. Look at his face, he was so excited to see the box under the tree.

We then went to spend the evening with hubby’s side of the family. We had a good catch up, played a fantastic music quiz and swapped presents then we went home and left magic reindeer food outside the house. We then left a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa by the Christmas tree. We left the treats in the lounge and turned out the lights and I heard Little Mr shout “Quick, Santa’s coming” as he ran towards the stairs. How magical!



Christmas Day was a lot of fun which started out with many presents being left unopened as we left to have Christmas lunch at the in-laws and then onto my Parents for a Christmas Day supper. It was a fantastic day full of food, champers and mulled wine for me, presents galore for everyone and lots of giggles. Just the way a family Christmas should be.

Little Mr received lots of fantastic presents including a wooden kitchen and utensils from hubby and I, he received a fantastic shopping trolley and plastic food from hubby’s Parents as well as some Duplo, George Pig pyjamas and dressing gown and lots of clothes off my Parents.

He had lots more presents which took him over 3 days to open. He was a very lucky boy and I know that all of the presents will get played with over the next year.






Little Mr loved spending time with his Grandparents and it was really lovely to see the relationships he has with them in full flow. He especially loved spending time with his cousin. His cousin is five years older than him and he absolutely adores him. We spent a lot of time on Facetime this Christmas when we knew the boys wouldn’t be seeing each other.



It has been a really lovely Christmas and we’re now enjoying the lull between Christmas and New Year. Both hubby and I have the week off work so we can enjoy quality time with each other and Little Mr. It’ll be nice to see him play with his toys and enjoy all the gifts he has received.

I hope you and yours all had a wonderful Christmas full of joy, laughter and memories. Enjoy what’s left of 2014.

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  • Reply Donna 01/01/2015 at 10:41 pm

    Oh it looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas! x

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