Little Mr’s First Haircut


Last Saturday was a sad day for me. It was time to take Little Mr at the tender age of 22 months, to get his hair cut for the first ever time. We had postponed our visit for a few months as we just adored his curls. Everyone commented on them and they really did suit him but they were really unmanageable. When we wet his hair to wash it, the length of his hair was just above his shoulder blades and within ten minutes of getting out of the bath and us towel drying it, he’d have bouncy little ringlets pop up all around his head. They were beautiful but every day they would just look a bit of a mess and even if we brushed his hair it would fall out of the ringlets and look flyaway and frizzy.

lm before

We took him to my hairdressers, Bonce for his first ever hair cut and I couldn’t have been more proud. He sat on his Daddy’s lap whilst Amy trimmed his hair. He was really well behaved and sat quite still for us. I’m sure that’s down to use preparing him for the visit the day before and on the day of the appointment. He seemed to understand what was happening and why we were getting his hair cut.

LM 2

We took along a couple of his toys to keep him occupied in the chair and offered reassurance throughout the cut. Luckily for us, our hairdresser Amy was very patient with him and didn’t mind when he moved to fetch his train or began to shuffle his bottom around on his Daddy’s lap.

LM 1

Once Amy had finished, Little Mr looked really different. He still looked as gorgeous as ever but he looked so grown up!lm 3

He went in a toddler and came out a little boy.

The team at the salon presented him with a certificate which he was really happy with and I collected up his curls from the salon floor and popped them in a little bag for me to keep in his memory box.

lm 4

We got home and I couldn’t stop looking at him. He looks so different. It needed to be done and hopefully it’ll help clear his cradle cap up but I am mourning his beautiful blonde curls and hoping they’ll return as his hair grows.

lm after

Little Mr’s FIRST haircut – 13th December 2014

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  • Reply Rebecca Phillips 20/12/2014 at 7:25 pm

    aw bless!! he looks so grown up!

  • Reply Donna 20/12/2014 at 9:27 pm

    Oh he looks so grown up now! Such a gorgeous little boy :) LP is having her very first hair cut on Xmas eve! x

  • Reply Lauren (@laurenbigeejit) 21/12/2014 at 9:29 pm

    Those curls are going nowhere – you can still see them there peeking out :) He’s so gorgeous and grown up now! x

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