Little Mr at 22 months..


To my gorgeous Little Mr,

This month you are 22 months old and in a few short days, we’ll be celebrating your second ever Christmas. You are so excited. You helped us pick out the Christmas tree, you helped Mama decorate it and you love to look at all the lights. I am surprised you don’t want to pull off all the baubles or the rest of the decorations but you have done as you were told so far so we’re happy that you’re behaving yourself.


This weekend Mama, Uncle Russ and Nanny Shilton took you to see Santa in his Grotto and you amazed me. At first you were a little unsure of Santa, and I really can’t blame you, but you soon got over your shyness and went up to speak to him and to receive a gift. You said ‘Ta’ as a gesture of thanks and said ‘Bye’ to Santa as we left. We’re so proud of you and how polite you are. You held on to the gift the whole way around the Farm, this was your gift from Santa and no-one else was having it.


Earlier this month, we said ‘Adios’ to your beautiful bouncing curls and you had your first ever haircut. You look as adorable as ever. You’ve been transformed into a little boy and it’s almost as if you’ve grown up in just an hour.

You’re saying lots of words and stringing them into sentences. You can be rather bossy and when we’re in the car you ask for the ‘music back on’ and you tell me when you’ve finished your dinner and you want to get ‘out now’ of your high chair to play.

Your favourite toys are the wooden blocks (to build castles with), Thomas the Tank Engine and his various friends and your Jake and The Neverland Pirates ride on wheels. You love stickers and you’ll happily sit for a good ten minutes playing with the stickers or sitting at your desk and colouring in a picture in a colouring book.


Your most favourite thing to do is read a book. You absolutely love them. You are still particularly fond of your Thomas and Friends book collection and you love to read them in bed when you’re waking up or just before you go to sleep. Daddy loves to read you a story before bedtime and he couldn’t imagine not being able to spend that time with you. I know it’s his most favourite time of the day.


Little Mr, we love you to the moon and back and we are so so proud of you. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and you enjoy every minute.

Lots of love, forever and ever

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  • Reply Bex @ The Mummy Adventure 23/12/2014 at 12:02 pm

    I am very impressed he doesn’t destroy the tree! Archie is always pulling off the baubles so ours is looking pretty bare now! x

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