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Every Christmas, my hubby and I like to fill a stocking for each other and leave it by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. I love filling a woolen stocking full of treats for my hubby as we both get excited about them on Christmas morning. It’s a fun way of keeping the excitement alive and getting each other a few treats which don’t have to cost the earth to buy.

Here’s a few ideas of what I might (or might not) popping into my hubby’s Christmas stocking this year.

1) Chocolate Orange – he absolutely loves Chocolate Oranges and his favourite flavour is the plain chocolate. They’re usually on offer at this time of year so I can pick one up quite cheaply.

2) Socks – everyone loves Christmas socks and I love buying really silly (and probably rude) Christmas socks for my hubby. I actually wear my Christmas socks the whole way throughout the year and I know he does too. Life is too short to wear boring socks.

3) Cool office stationery – we both love novelty office stationery. Hubby works in a school where his stationery supplies often get borrowed by the students so it’s always good to keep a stock of cheap stationery handy in his drawers for when he needs it in work.

4) Chocolate gold coins – he maybe well into his adult life but chocolate gold coins are ace. They bring back lots of fab memories of childhoods gone by and they’re great to have as a snack whilst you’re snuggling up watching a movie on Christmas Day.

5) A comedy DVD – my hubby absolutely loves comedy. He’s a big fan of many comedians and he loves nothing better than sticking on a DVD after work with a pint of bitter relaxing watching one of his favourite comedians. His particular favourites are Tim Vine, Lee Mack and Milton Jones.

6) A novelty gadget – we love gadgets in our house so I’d get him something to make him laugh. If it’s computer related then that’s even better.

7) A sachet or two of posh tea and a new Christmas mug – he loves a good cup of tea in the morning so a new mug and a brew of his favourite tea would go down a storm.

Of course, I can’t tell you what I may or may not have bought my hubby for his Christmas stocking this year just in case, but it’s going to be fun and I know the contents will make him smile.

Do you exchange Christmas stockings with your family? What do you pop into yours?

Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership with The Works

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