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Everyone knows someone on a diet. Whether it’s a friend at work or a family member, I doubt that I’m the only one on a diet who doesn’t want to ruin their hard work over Christmas. Although it’s rather presumptuous that I’m going to get some Christmas presents this year, I’m hoping if I am lucky enough to receive a gift or two that my friends and family will have kept my recent dieting success in mind and will be kind to me.

I would be gutted to receive a big slab of chocolate or a bottle of wine. Not only do most of my friends know that I don’t drink wine but the fact that temptation would be staring me right in the face would be rather insensitive and a definite test of willpower on my part.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

I recently asked my friends what gifts they would love to receive this Christmas if they were dieting and with my wealthy experience of dieting, I’ve compiled a list of useful suggestions for you to share with your own family and friends if you’re following a weight loss plan or perhaps you’re just watching what you’re eating for the greater good.

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Clockwise from top left hand corner.. 

1. Tefal Actifry – I would love one of these beauties. I have heard very good stories about these Actifry machines and they are so versatile, you can cook so much in them with a very limited amount of oil. Winner!

2. Lush bath wand – Pamper those pins! When you’re losing weight, for most people body confidence is quite low so giving a pamper treat as a gift would be very thoughtful and would show to your loved one that you love them and want to treat them in a non-calorific way.

3. Slow Cooker – I love our slow cooker and it is ideal to use in the winter months. Pack the slow cooker full of healthy vegetables, meat and stock in the morning and by early evening, you’ll have a delicious slow cooked meal with minimal effort.

4. I believe star – I’ve recently bought one of these lovely stars from Clara and Macy. I believe I can do well on my slimming journey and I believe in myself. Show your loved ones that you believe in them by giving them a keepsake for them to treasure. I really love mine.

5. Beanies Coffee – A recent discovery for me and I love it. I’ve enjoyed a couple of flavours and would love to try the Irish Cream and Christmas pudding flavoured coffee. The smell is really nice and its a little treat without the guilt.

6. Options Hot chocolate – These are my favourite hot chocolates without a doubt whilst I’m on plan as they’re so low in calories and taste really nice. Buy a mug for your favourite person and fill it with their favourite hot chocolate sachets.

7. Stationery – I love stationery. I love writing lists and I love to keep a record of what I eat throughout the day so I know I’m not forgetting what I’ve eaten. We are Bread and Jam sell this fantastic notebook which is rather funky and ideal for people who want to stay in control of their weightloss.

8. Clothes Vouchers – A really thoughtful gift of clothes shop vouchers would make any dieters heart burst. Buying new clothes when you have lost weight is an amazing feeling and to get vouchers for Christmas is a lovely way to say ‘treat yourself’ in recognition of all their hardwork. I don’t know of any shops that don’t sell gift vouchers so take the hassle out of shopping and treat them to a shopping spree on you.

9. Nail Varnish – When you lose weight, you gain confidence (in my case anyway) you want to look attractive and show yourself off to everyone. One of the things I did a lot more when I was losing weight was paint my nails. Of an evening, I would paint my nails and then wouldn’t want to pick at food in fear of spoiling my freshly painted nails. There are gift sets a plenty in the shops at the moment and are really reasonable too.

Final thoughts

Another gift idea would be to treat your loved one to a pre-paid set of classes. Both Slimming World and Weight Watchers offer pre-payment options and would make a lovely gift and would help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Whoever you’re buying for this Christmas, please remember that not everyone wants chocolates or booze. Some people, me included, want to enjoy Christmas but not at the expense of ruining all their hard work. Think ahead and be thoughtful, I bet you’ll be rewarded.

This isn’t a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. I’ve included links as I genuinely rate the products and would love them under my tree this Christmas. 

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  • Reply Donna 07/12/2014 at 11:33 pm

    We have had an actifry since they were first released and swear by it – they’re expensive but worth every penny! x

  • Reply Becky 08/12/2014 at 6:05 am

    what a really great idea for a gift list! people should get what they WANT rather than whats usual!

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