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December 2014

    In 4 months time, you’ll be glad you started..

    Four months ago, I stepped in to my local Slimming World class feeling fat, ugly and feeling like I’d lost my confidence in life. I felt awkward around people and worried that people didn’t want to associate or befriend me because of what I looked like. Four months on, although I’m still not as confident as I can be, I feel proud of what I have achieved. Four months on, it feels as if the ‘real’ Emma who has been hidden for such a long time in baggy tops, plus sized jeans and ugly bras is starting to emerge from the fog.

    Tonight at weigh in, I gained for the first time in 21 weeks. I gained 4.5lbs and it hurt.

    gain week 21

    Following my last Christmas party with family on Saturday, I started Sunday on the new Extra Easy SP plan determined to limit the damage of 4 days off plan and three days on I am still 4.5lb heavier! Thank goodness I got straight back on track. I would have hated to see the damage of a whole week off plan! Read more

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