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Little Mr likes his food. As a growing toddler, his appetite is incredible. Each week when he goes to his Grandparents, he will often eat more food than his 6 year old cousin. We like to give him a varied diet and we’re still introducing different foods to him to see if he likes it. He surprises us though as he’ll often eat something at his Grandparents house and then reject it at home. How odd is that?

When we’re working throughout the week, I pick up Little Mr from his Grandparents house and usually get home for around 5 o’clock. It’s straight onto dinner time in our house so the first thing I’ll do is scour the fridge for ideas for his dinner. Whatever I cook him needs to be prepared, cooked and served within 30 minutes before I get a whinging, whiny toddler pulling at my trouser leg asking for ‘tea time’ and the high chair being pulled across the dining room

He has quite a few favourite meals and if asked what he wants for dinner it’ll usually be ‘pizza’ or ‘toast’.

what meals little mr eats during the week

Fish fingers, mashed potato and mixed vegetables
Omelette with grated cheese and ham
Scrambled egg and toast
Pizza and salad (by salad, I mean cucumber and maybe carrot batons)
Pasta with carbonara sauce and chopped ham
Roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables
Gammon, waffles and vegetables
Sausage, mash and vegetables

eggs 2

On the weekend when hubby is home to takeover in the kitchen, Little Mr will enjoy one of hubby’s legendary omelettes or a bowl full of scrambled eggs. We always use British Lion Eggs and they’re an essential ingredient on our shopping list each week. They always get used up as I’m often hard boiling them for my salad or making my delicious synfree crustless quiche for my lunches at work. I love how versatile they are and you really can do lots with them. Surprisingly there are lots of scrambled egg recipes out there and they’re all family friendly.

What do your little ones eat? Do they love eggs too?

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of egg related goodies for the purpose of this post

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  • Reply Donna 29/11/2014 at 10:32 pm

    Little Man and LP aren’t that keen on eggy things, I think I need to experiment a bit more! x

  • Reply Janine 02/12/2014 at 10:40 am

    Sometimes we are struggling with making up meals as he can be very picky with his food sometimes especially if he gets too much in crèche.
    My little one loves pancakes but he is not a fan of scrambled egg. I have actually never made him an omelette. Maybe I should look up a recipe for it and see if he likes it.
    He normally eats, plain pasta, pizza (not a fan of it that much though), sausages, vegetables, potato waffles, fish fingers.

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