How travel has changed over 30 years..


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Believe it or not, but over my lifetime travel has changed a lot. When I was a young child, my family often took holidays in a tent or a caravan and considered a foreign holiday abroad quite the luxury as my parents couldn’t afford with two young children in tow.

It’s interesting to read how travel has changed in just three decades. I remember booking my first all girls holiday away to Zante, Greece when I was 17. We went into the travel agents and booked a two week holiday to a popular (at the time) holiday for people of a certain age! I don’t think we had internet at home back then and we definitely wouldn’t have been able to pay over the internet for such a holiday.

Similarly, I didn’t actually own a mobile phone until I was 17 either. I was in my first year at college and thought I was the bees knees with a phone that would now be beaten by my toddlers toy phones. This year I took my phone on holiday and it didn’t leave my side. I turned off the data and used it as a camera for most of the holiday but did try and use the hotels free wi-fi to catch up on the news back home.


30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic
James Villa Holidays – 30 Years of Travel Infographic

More recently, we have always booked our holidays online and had to save up for the breaks we take. We really appreciate the time getting away to spend time together and make memories as a family. Our main aim of our holiday in the Summer to Turkey was to get a weeks worth of sunshine and to have lazy days around the pool without having to worry about the cooking, cleaning or the housework. Whether we actually got to relax as much as we had hoped on holiday is another matter but I guess our relaxation holidays are now over until Little Mr is in his teens.

Next year we have booked to go away just for a week in the Summer. It’ll be just our small little family and we can’t wait.

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