Sunday, a day of rest.. apparently!



I love my weekends. They start on a Thursday evening for me as it’s the only day of the week that I don’t go to work. I get to spend the day with my Little Mr catching up with friends, going shopping, going to see family and generally having a lovely day together. Saturdays are predominately a family day when we both get to spend time with my hard working hubby and Little Mr gets to play with his Daddy. But then Sunday rolls around so quick and it’s time to catch up with all the housework, put the washing in, sort the drying out, meal plan and get some shopping in. As well as attempting to improve the house with putting the odd shelf and picture frame up here and there and keep on top of all the life admin, it’s exhausting!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon supporting our cousin in a charity game of football. I took my Sister and nephew along to join in the fun and it was a lovely afternoon. Little Mr loves spending time with his Aunty and cousin and we saw the rest of our family too which was really nice, we don’t see enough of them so it was great to catch up.


I’ve decided to reduce a lot of stress by not taking on as much with my blog. I have been so grateful for all the opportunities my blog has enabled me and my family to experience. I have met some amazing people who share the same enthusiasm for blogging and am lucky enough to call them friends. I still have a few reviews to complete and will of course, update my blog with my weightloss progress, meal planning and general mumblings.

As Christmas approaches I want to be able to spend time with my family knowing that I didn’t waste a second of the precious time I have with my boys. I’m desperate to get back crafting too so I really want to spend some time getting the sewing machine out and perhaps finish off one of my quilts or do some more of my cross stitch advent calendar that I started in 2012 (seriously where have those two years gone?!)

So whoever said that Sunday is a day of rest, I don’t believe you!

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