My Slimming World Progress… 4 months in



Many regular readers will know that 4 months ago, I made the decision to go to my local Slimming World class to get some support to lose the weight I have been struggling to lose for the last 18 months. Losing weight isn’t as easy as it seems. Unless you’ve struggled with your weight or perhaps you’ve got a medical condition that hinders weight loss, actually losing weight is really hard.

I decided to follow the Slimming World plan as it’s a plan that makes you eat correctly. It makes sure you’re eating all the right foods and all the major food groups are catered for. Since starting my SW journey back in August 2014, I’ve lost 35lb to date. I’ve been able to lose weight every week on plan and I’m really pleased with my progress.

It’s not easy though. The amount of temptation I have to ignore every single day is overwhelming, especially at this time of the year. At home, my hubby likes his snacks so we have chocolate and crisps in the cupboard. We even have some Cadbury’s chocolates he bought from the Cadbury shop on our recent visit to Chester hiding away out of sight so I can’t see them (out of sight out of mind) In the office at work, we’ve even got biscuits and a tin of chocolates. Temptation is everywhere but I’m having to remind myself of why I started this journey and what I want out of it.

I would much rather have a weightloss on the scales each Tuesday evening than a bar of chocolate that is way out of my syns allowance. I would much rather see the numbers of the scales going down each week than a McDonalds. I want Little Mr to have a baby brother or sister at some point in the future and I know my weight is a major factor in me being able to successfully conceive another child. I feel incredibly blessed to have a Son and he really is our world but we would absolutely love another child to complete our family and give him a sibling to grow up with.

Last night I lost 1.5lb and gained that shiny two and a half stone certificate. I even managed to get the Slimmer Of The Week and Slimmer of The Month for the third consecutive month. It’s fabulous getting the recognition in class but you know what, it’s not the shiny certificates that are encouraging me to lose weight, it’s the small changes I can see in myself (my face feels slimmer), the numbers on the scales are going down and my work trousers are getting bigger (again!)

10410502_10155494652455377_8057073209426871250_nNovember 2014 (35lb down!) 

I’d love to get my 3 stone loss award by Christmas but I have 4 weeks to lose 7lb. It’s a big ask considering my weightloss over the last 4 weeks (I’ve lost 6.5lb) and I’ve got a few Christmas do’s to attend but like last week, if I can plan for them and be angelic the rest of the week, I might just do it. Fingers crossed and I’m going to aim for it.


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  • Reply Donna 26/11/2014 at 10:16 pm

    You are doing amazingly Emma, truly inspirational! x

  • Reply Colette B 27/11/2014 at 8:27 pm

    You deserve a cracking loss this week after the restraint you showed today x

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