Picking a Pumpkin or two at Hatton Country World


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Last week we were invited back to Hatton Country World in Warwickshire to pick a pumpkin or two at their annual Pumpkin Week. We took along Little Mr and our 6 year old nephew for a day of Halloween fun in the countryside.

We were completely blessed with the weather, it was absolutely beautiful. It was very mild but sunny so we were able to enjoy the whole day outside, taking in the fresh air and it was a chance for the boys to let off some steam and enjoy the attractions on offer.

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For each child that visited Hatton Country World during Pumpkin Week, they were able to exchange a ticket for the chance to find a pumpkin in the pumpkin fields. We visited towards the end of the week and unfortunately the fields were a little bare. We would have been really disappointed if we had gone a day later and not found any pumpkins. However we did manage to find a couple of small orange pumpkins which the boys were impressed with and were happy to take home.

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Little Mr and our nephew enjoyed roaming the fields in the mud, thank goodness we took wellies.

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Once the pumpkins had been picked there was the chance to carve your pumpkins in the event tent. We didn’t get chance to get in the tent as Little Mr was a bit scared of the Halloween decorations so we decided to take ours home and carve them there.

We were really impressed by the decorations dotted around the fields, it really added to the atmosphere of the Halloween event and our nephew loved to see them and tell us tales about how gruesome they were.

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We had a great day out at Hatton Country World. The boys were literally running from attraction to attraction; the sandpit, the bouncy castle, the diggers, the slides, the train, the fairground rides and enjoying the animals in the farm.

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Spot the piglets! 

We had a fantastic day out at Hatton Country World, the boys had a lovely time and it was so nice to spend the whole day outside, we even ate our lunch on the picnic tables outside. We picked up a leaflet about Christmas fun at Hatton Country World so we hope to be back over the next few weeks to enjoy the festivities and we may even spot the main man himself! A lovely day out and fun for all the family, we can’t wait to go back.

Disclaimer: We were given a free family ticket to Hatton Country World to enjoy the facilities and attractions on offer. All photographs and words are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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