Meal Planning Monday w/b 24th November 2014


mpm wb 24.11.2014

A late Meal Planning Monday post this week, the planning was all done early over the weekend but we all know what it’s like, you get caught up in something like making handmade Christmas cards and the time just runs away with you!

This week we’re again using up all the stocks in the kitchen cupboards and the ton of frozen vegetables that we seem to have in the freezer. We’ve had a habit of putting a couple of bags in the trolley every time we’ve been shopping and then storing them in the outside freezer. Our chest freezer is now well stocked and we need to use them all up. Can you make soup with frozen veg?

Over the weekend we took advantage of a day at home finishing jobs and getting the Christmas prep in hand so we cooked a huge turkey courtesy of Bernard Matthews. It was bootiful!

roast turkey.1

We are having family over just before Christmas and would you believe it we’ve never actually cooked a massive turkey before. Turkey is one of the meats I really enjoy and is actually really versatile. We roasted the bird in the oven for just under four hours with the usual accompaniments including potatoes, sprouts and other seasonal veg and it was enjoyed by all. There was only three of us eating on Sunday so we have a lot left over and with this in mind we have planned around using the remaining meat in our dinners throughout the week.

Little Mr has some tasty Turkey dinosaurs, turkey letters and mini turkey kievs to tuck into with his mash potato and vegetables this week but this is what else we have planned;

Zesty One Pan Turkey (SW recipe)
Turkey Curry (SW recipe)
Lemon and Herb Chicken with Savoury Rice and Vegetables
Sausage, squash and sweet potato stew (slow cooker recipe)
Diet Coke Chicken (SW recipe)

one pan turkey.1

For lunch this week I’ve made up some leek and potato soup which is really nice. It’s a shop bought soup mix but I’ve been a bit short of time recently so it’s great to throw the bag of veg in a pan of boiling stock and leave it to do it’s business in thirty minutes. I’ve also got a butternut squash soup in the fridge for later in the week too to give my 17th week on Slimming World a boost.

For breakfasts this week, I’ll be enjoying overnight oats with frozen berries, weetabix with fruit or mullerlight yoghurt with fruit. I don’t actually miss bread at all now, I rarely have it and don’t think it would fill me up enough these days.

What are you eating this week? Do you eat Turkey all year round or do you save it for Christmas? Would love to hear what your meal plans are?

Disclaimer: I was sent some vouchers to purchase a Turkey to cook up before Christmas. It was delicious and we are definitely getting another one before Christmas. Thanks Bernard Matthews! 

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