Little Mr – 21 month update


Little Mr 21mo

Dear Little Mr,

This week you turned 21 months old. You are racing towards your 2nd birthday and as each month passes you are becoming such a cheeky little boy with charm and intelligence. You astound us with what you are learning. Even when we don’t think you’re listening, we know you are so we are having to be very careful with what we say.

You are very helpful. You want to help Mama cook the dinner, put rubbish in the bin and you’re brilliant at tidying up after yourself. Long may it continue.

Your speech is developing brilliantly. We’re currently trying to remind you to say ‘Yes’ instead of ‘Yep’ and you’re coming out with lots of new words and even stringing them together now to form sentences. A few of your favourite sayings are ‘there he is’, ‘of course’ and ‘come on’ and both Mama and Daddy love it when you say ‘night night mama/dada’. You make us both giggle every morning too when we open your door to wake you up and you wriggle around in your sleeping bag and smile towards the door and shout ‘Morning’, it’s very cute.


Your incredibly loving but only when you feel like it. You’ll happily give kisses and cuddles to the family which is adorable but if you’re a bit tired and grumpy, we’ve got no chance. You’re very stubborn (sorry you get that from me!) which is testing Mama and Daddy but you will listen to us eventually.

little mr 2

You loving going to playgroup with Nanny and shopping with Nanny and Grandad in the week. I’m so proud of how you’ve settled into a routine with them and how much you’re learning when you’re with them. You love going to fetch your cousin from school especially when you get the chance to sit down with Nanny in the school hall and listen to stories being read. To think that I was worried how you would get on, seems really silly now.

little mr 4

You’re eating really well and love vegetables. We still can’t get you to eat much fruit (aside from blueberries, strawberries and apple) so you’re still having a fruit smoothie pouch every day. One way or another we will get fruit into your diet.

little mr 5

Bedtimes are a much happier occasion which we are so glad about. Your routine is essential at night time and although we don’t bath you every night, you do have a story (which you choose) and you are happy to go to bed with your teddies (George from Peppa Pig, Henry Hugglemonster, Little Ted, two Mickey Mouse toys and Patch from Aunty Becky and Uncle Dan) around you. We leave you in bed with a couple of Thomas and Friends books and pop Ewan the Dream Sheep on. You’ll now let us shut the door half way and sit in our bedroom until you drop off which is progress and we’re thrilled with!

little mr 3

Little Mr you make us laugh every day and again, we’re so so proud of you and the little boy you’re becoming. Enjoy your 22nd month my darling, we love you so very, very much xx

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  • Reply Bex @ The Mummy Adventure 14/11/2014 at 11:33 pm

    We have the opposite with Archie, he loves his fruit but not as good with veg. Little Mr has the most amazing hair! x

  • Reply Leanne Edwards 15/11/2014 at 6:24 am

    aww such a lovely little man. So wonderful seeing them grow and develop.

  • Reply Susan Mann 15/11/2014 at 8:08 am

    Aww he’s so cute & so close to age of my youngest. He sounds like a wee character. X

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