Christmas Present ideas for Uni Students


christmas gift ideas

If you’re like me and have a big family, there’s always going to be one or two students in the mix so at Christmas it’s a tricky time deciding what to buy them. They’re at that age where you’re not entirely sure what their latest thing is; do they love Primark or prefer Prada? Do they like wine or anything alcoholic? I spend ages wracking my brain to find something for them that they’ll really like but forget that actually, believe it or not I was actually a student myself many moons ago.

Therefore using my experience, I’ve put together a few ideas for getting them a gift they’ll love, for a range of different budgets too. And just in case they’re reading this blog post, I ‘might’ have just got you something from the list.

Small electrical appliances for the kitchen

They’ll no doubt have all the main things they need to cook and clean (and survive!) but those little extras for the kitchen always make a good gift. Things like toastie makers, blenders or juicers are all likely to be something they won’t have the money to buy themselves, but they’ll no doubt really appreciate them and enjoy them. You can pick things like these up fairly cheaply too on sites like Electric Shop.

A camera or camcorder

Help them document all those crazy university memories with a brand new camera, or even a camcorder if they’re more into taking videos (also great for those students who are into ‘vlogging’ – blogging via videos). Or if they already have one, a camera/camcorder accessory such as a strap or tripod might be a good bet.

Stationery to see them through the next semester

Stationery may seem like a bit of a dull gift, but with ranges from stores like Paperchase, it really doesn’t have to be! It’s likely to be something that your loved one who is studying won’t be able to splash out on really nice options of, so it can be a nice touch of luxury to help aid their studies.

A tablet

If the budget allows, things like tablet devices or e-readers are the ideal gift for students as they are so handy for getting organised with work. They’re also great when acting as a mobile laptop too, which means they’re great for helping them stay in touch with home on things like Skype, too.

Supermarket vouchers

This sounds like quite a bland gift, but when it comes to the end of the month and the loan has run out, it will feel like a bit of a lifesaver! (It’s also worth remembering that they can spend it on alcohol if they want to, as well!). Find out what their local supermarket is and get them a gift card to cover a week or two’s worth of food shopping for a simple yet really useful gift.

Clothes vouchers

Or go for the slightly less useful option but perhaps slightly more exciting! Buying things like clothes, shoes and accessories may not exactly be on the top of their list of priorities, so a voucher for their favourite clothes shop can be a great way to help them treat themselves after a long semester of work.

Subscription to a TV/movie streaming service

You’ll have no doubt heard of services like Netflix that allows you to watch TV shows and movies whenever you like as part of a subscription set up, and this can make the ideal gift for a student as it will help create the perfect night in!

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