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With Christmas edging closer and closer, many mums are taking every opportunity they can get to be able to experiment more in the kitchen. Discovering new recipes for mini mincemeat crumble pies and puddings to serve at the Christmas table, mums spend more and more time online.

Chances are, you spend most of this time on your smartphone too, using apps to access recipes rather than logging onto your computer and printing out recipes yourself. Gaming Realms, the company behind Total Gold, has said that “The market for virtual goods was worth US$7.3bn in 2010 and is expected to double by 2014”, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a slew of apps dedicated to helping mums make the most of their kitchens. We’ve seen great apps like Epicurious come onto the market, but for those who are looking to have all of their recipes in one place, the ChefTab Recipe App is definitely the app for you.

The ChefTab Recipe App works by importing recipes from any and all websites online – be they recipe websites like BBC Good Food, or even just a personal website like Life According to MrsShilts. It doesn’t matter what website it is, as long as it’s encoded in English, the ChefTab Recipe App will be able to import recipes from it and save a copy in your own personal recipe book within the app, including a link to the original post, for when you want to give credit to the original recipes when you make your own variations. Recent updates to the app have also included the option to import recipes from sites that require you to log in to access recipes, such as Cook’s Illustrated.

The app displays the recipes in an easy-to-read format once you decide that it’s time to start cooking, so you can access and import recipes, and even read the recipes right out of the app itself. Offering full customisability, the app even lets you categorise your recipes in any way you like, making for easy-to-access recipes for any occasion.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with ChefTab

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