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I recently received the latest Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network box and was amazed to see a box jam packed full of fantastic goodies. There was all sorts of craft items in there along with two essentials sent from Bostik; a glu pen and glu dots.

bostik 1

Due to work and family life commitments, I’m a bit behind on this post and it should have been up a lot earlier so I’ve sent my apologies to Tots100 and Bostik for the delay but nevertheless here is what I’ve made with some of the contents of the box.

My Autumn inspired crafting this week is Mr Owl. Made with tissue paper, felt, a polystyrene ball, a pair of googley eyes and the fabulous fabric leaves from the box.

First of all, I cut up the orange tissue paper into squares, I wanted to create a layered effect like feathers on the body of the owl so I used the glu pen to roughly stick down the squares of tissue paper.

owl 1

After sticking layers of tissue paper around all of the polystyrene ball, I let the glue dry and found some felt in the box to make Mr Owls head. I cut out a square of felt, folded the square in half and cut out half a heart shape for the eyes.

owl 2

I thought the best way to stick the heart onto the body of the owl was by using the glu dots.  I used three glu dots to the major sticking areas of the heart and then placed it on top of the polystyrene ball.

owl 3

I then cut a small heart out of a different coloured felt and stuck this on the same way. I then used a couple of the fabric leaves and placed them on the top of the owls head. Mr Owl needed a beak so I cut out a triangle of felt and glued it into place. Last up was the googley eyes. I used Bostik all purpose glue to stick on the eyes and voila, Mr Owl is complete.

owl 4

I think he is super cute and I love the leaf bunting I’ve made to help frame him for Autumn.

owl 5

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of goodies from Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network to make an Autumn inspired craft. All photographs and words are my own. 

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