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We’ve been living in our current home now for just over ten years. It’s a Victorian terrace house with two bedrooms and a small back yard. It wasn’t ever meant to be our forever home, it was meant to be a stop gap for a few years whilst we got ourselves sorted in terms of me finishing university, securing a decent job and settling down. It didn’t work out that way and since then we’ve decorated, re-carpeted and had the electrics re-wired so we could use the washing machine at the same time as the kettle (true story!) Our front reception room has had multiple uses; a study, a craft room and now a lounge whilst our second reception room is now a play room come dining room and we’re finally happy with how we’re using the space.

We would still like to move house in the future. We would love another baby and would ideally like another bedroom just to help with space issues. We’re not sure when we’ll be able to afford to move house but we do have a realistic wish list that we’ll be sticking to when we consider our next property.

Our Wish List

  • Back garden with actual real-life grass – our back yard is ugly. It’s quite small and full of concrete. The previous owners went a bit slab happy and we haven’t had the time, money or inclination to sort it out. We would love a garden with some grass and space for Little Mr to run around in.
  • A driveway – we currently have to park our cars on the road outside our house. It’s not something we like doing as we are never guaranteed a space and it’s not ideal when Little Mr is asleep and we need to unpack the shopping. A driveway would mean I could park the car up without worrying he’s left on his own away from our house.
  • Three bedrooms – we would love a third bedroom, ideally a space for a brother or sister for Little Mr. Although a third bedroom isn’t an absolute necessity before we have another baby, it would make space issues a little easier as we all know how much stuff a newborn needs.
  • A good sized kitchen – our current kitchen works for us but we do like our appliances and we wouldn’t want to lose those; a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are essentials in our home and the kitchen would need to have space for these.
  • An ensuite or a downstairs toilet – sounds silly but we would love to have a choice of two toilets in our home. We only have one at the moment in the main bathroom upstairs but having a toilet downstairs would be fantastic. It’s the small things really!

We’re realistic. We could wish for conservatories, a laundry and a breakfast room, a walk in wardrobe, a wet room and a garage but in reality, that’s not going to happen. We need to be able to look to the future in our home and live within our means so that we can pay our mortgage and make the improvements to a new house that would make it a home.

We decided to buy our own home with a mortgage rather than rent somewhere as we wanted the freedom to be able to do whatever we please within our own walls. We’re happy to be homeowners with a mortgage (Santander have a range of different mortgages including ‘help to buy’ mortgages for first time buyers) as we feel secure. We feel happy that we’ve got our feet on the property ladder and we’re making plans to move on up. Who knows when or where we will move but until then, we’ll keep our new home wish list pinned up to keep the dream alive.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Santander – Image: Dreamstime – all words are my own. 

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  • Reply Angela Spicer 04/11/2014 at 8:05 pm

    A kitchen is top of our wish list too. It’s so small we can barely have two people in there doing something at the same time.

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