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    Christmas gift ideas for families who prefer the outdoors

    camping essentials

    Baby, it’s cold outside. It is, there’s only 3 (and a bit) weeks until Christmas and I bet the last thing you’re thinking about is next years break away with the family. If your family are anything like mine then you’ll want to get away as soon as we have some decent sunshine in the Spring. What better way to see the beautiful countryside than packing up your tent and a sleeping bag and heading off to explore the great outdoors.

    We really love our family breaks away in our tent. It’s a chance for us to get away from it all and enjoy some precious family time whilst reminding ourselves that we don’t always need our laptops, phones and tablets.

    If you’ve got similar family members who love the outdoors or are perhaps big festival goers, here’s some gift ideas for Christmas that will come in handy when the tent poles are erected and the canvas is up.

    1. Child Carrier Backpack – If you’ve got a little one and you love exploring the outdoors, take them with you using the child carrier backpack. Buggies and pushchairs aren’t designed for mountain or off-road terrain so this would be a great gift for a family.

    2. A camping kettle – Everyone loves a brew first thing in the morning, so let your loved ones wake up from a night under the stars to a hot drink of their choice. Complete the gift with a couple of mugs, some sachets of tea and coffee and a teaspoon and you’re on to a winner.

    3. Wellies – When you’re camping, you’re always relying on the weather to be kind. I always take my wellies when we’re camping as they’re great for first thing in the morning when the grass is still wet and dewy or for when the kids want to go muddy puddle jumping.

    wellies LM

    4. Childrens sleeping bag – Get the children excited for family camping trips with their very own snuggly sleeping bag. I loved sleeping in mine as a child, it reminded me of all the adventures we used to have.

    5. Welly socks – Brilliant idea to keep your feet warm when you’re wearing your socks. I always forget to pack welly socks when we’re away so should really keep them with my wellies for times of need.

    6. Camping / Travel Cutlery – I love how camping cutlery is so cute. This set is brilliant for those who are living out of a rucksack, perhaps someone travelling on a gap year. They’re brilliantly priced too so great as a stocking filler.

    7. A camping torch – There’s always going to be a time when you’ve just got warm in your sleeping bag and then you remember you’ve not been to the toilet. I’ve done it and then remembered it’s pitch black outside the tent and I’m not sure of the way to the toilet block. Similarly, it’s great for when a huge hedgehog walks straight into your tent in the middle of the night and you think you’re going to be eaten by a fox (true story!)

    Disclaimer: This post is in association with Silver Fox Travel and Outdoors 

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