Trying too hard? a SW update..


After last weeks weigh in, I set myself a little challenge. I wanted to lose 2.5lb this week to get my 2 stone weightloss in the bag. It didn’t happen. I lost 0.5lb. Now, I know what you’re all going to say as I’ve said it myself before to people who ‘only’ lose the same amount but I was disappointed. I had a good week, I didn’t go over my syns, I was eating the right foods and making the right choices. I do tend to over-analyse my week and all I can think of is that I didn’t have enough fluids resulting in feeling a bit sluggish was I trying too hard? I had stopped writing down what foods I was eating as well so have made myself a little food diary and I’m now filling that in as I go to keep an eye on what I’m eating.

My lovely friend Sarah, who has lost a fantastic amount of weight herself, told me to have a look at some photographs to see if I can see the differences in myself so far. I’m usually behind the camera (or delete the really bad ones!) but have found a snap of me looking a bit blurry eyed on holiday in July and I took a shiny new photograph this week to see what the differences were.

11 weeks on SW facial

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A fresh new week

I have 2lb to lose now until I get my 2 stone award and I want it bad! It’s mad really as I have a lot more weight to go, if I’m realistic I need to lose at least another 100lb. It’s not going to happen overnight but it can happen. So what am I doing differently this week?

– drinking LOTS of water

– using 10 syns per day

– varying my breakfasts throughout the week (overnight oats, weetabix or fruit, yoghurt and all bran)

– stop sneaking a bite or two of Little Mr’s waffles / pizza / wotsits and breadsticks!

I know I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself as I can see slight changes in my physical appearance already but I’m doing this for me and I think if I don’t put pressure on myself then who else will? My family and hubby are far too nice to say anything and at the end of the day, if I want another baby in the future, I’m the ONE who will need to do the hard graft and get to a sensible weight so the magic can happen!

How do you pick yourself up after a disappointing week? Do you look for changes too?

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  • Reply Donna 24/10/2014 at 10:08 pm

    Don’t feel disappointed lovely, you are doing incredibly and 0.5-1lb a week is really healthy weight loss. Keep going! x

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