What is your pregnancy denim style?


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When I first fell pregnant with Little Mr, I was excited that the months following his conception would be all about the bump. Dressing a growing bump is a huge thing for a newly pregnant Mum-to-be and I was no exception. I was excited about wearing clothes that would flatter my style as well as showing off my bump but I was realistic; I just love my jeans. They’re a classic wardrobe essential and I would probably wear a pair of jeans more than any other item of clothing and so I knew that I had to find a pair of comfy maternity jeans to see me through my pregnancy.

The choice of maternity denim on the market is brilliant. There’s something to suit every shape, style and budget. Whether  you prefer your jeans skinny, boot cut, wide legged or straight, there really is no need to worry that you’re going to have to succumb to leggings or dresses to dress the bump throughout your pregnancy.

To cover the bump or not?

Once you’ve found your perfect style, there’s another important decision to make. Do you buy jeans with a band for over your bump or below? Personally, I loved to wear my jeans with the band covering my bump. It helped support my expanding tummy and the jeans made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence. The choice of bump coverage is completely personal and that’s why it’s fantastic to see that there’s a choice available for Mums-to-be.

There’s a fantastic range of jeans (available from Blossom Mother and Child) that offer different options depending on how you want to wear your band. I love the range and have selected three different styles to showcase what is available. I love how you can dress jeans up and down to match your day and I’m sure they’ll be an essential maternity piece in every Mum-to-be’s wardrobe.

What’s your pregnancy denim style?

As well as being a dedicated maternity clothing boutique, Blossom Mother and Child have a fantastic community online with a wealth of insights into pregnancy such as ‘What to pack in your hospital bag?’ and ‘How to swaddle for a good nights sleep’, go check them out!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Blossom Mother and Child

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  • Reply Hannah 23/12/2014 at 7:57 pm

    I went for maximum bump coverage. They are so comfy and when I was post surgery the elastic didn’t rub on my scar like my normal trousers did. I got a second hand pair with stretchy sides but they really didn’t fit right – I couldn’t wear a belt so they kept falling down when I moved too much lol. I am still living in my over the bump ones at nearly six months post birth. Until I get to target it’s silly me going to buy new jeans.

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