Meal Planning Monday w/b 13th October 2014



Meal planning is an essential part of our weekend. It helps us structure our week and gives us direction as to what we’re eating when we get in from work. Every Sunday, we go through the recipe books and the cupboards to see what meals we would like and what ingredients we have. We tend to shop weekly rather than monthly as our fridge isn’t big enough. We plan our meals around the time we have at home during the week so for example, Monday, hubby has darts so we need a quick meal to be prepared, cooked and eaten with an hour of him coming home from work. Tuesdays are weigh in days and every third Tuesday, Little Mr will be at my Parents house so he won’t be eating with us. We plan the week out and then slot different meals in dependent on time and budget (next week is our very tight week as hubby gets paid on the 21st of the month)

We don’t tend to plan lunches or breakfasts as we make sure we have our usual favourites in so the choice is there on an evening to prepare the next days lunch for work. My breakfast is pretty similar every day whilst I’m at work; fruit, 30g All Bran and a mullerlight yoghurt. Little Mr eats at his Grandparents four days per week for breakfast and lunch so we don’t need to meal plan around him for those meals.

This week we have a variety of meals planned including;

Minced Beef Hash (SW recipe)
Chicken Kiev, SW chips and roasted veg 
Speedy Veg and Chicken Rice (SW recipe) 
Garlic and herb Philly chicken with bacon, wedges and veg 
Healthy grill up (our take on a fry up but SW friendly) 
Piri Piri Chicken and Rainbow Slaw (SW recipe) 

All my meals are very low in syns (if not synfree) and I’m lucky that my hubby will eat these too. We have to be careful with red meat as it’s not very low cholesterol wise which is something we’re both keen to reduce.

The fridge is stocked and the meals planned out. Here’s to a good week and hopefully a weightloss too!

What are you eating this week?

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  • Reply Donna 13/10/2014 at 5:41 pm

    I love your meal plan and I am now wanting minced beef hash! x

  • Reply Kate 13/10/2014 at 8:13 pm

    You’re so organised, this is where I fall down a bit. I’ve never been a fan of meal planning but I think its something we need to do. The biggest problem I have is getting something (anything!) cooked! My husband and in-laws don’t get home til 7 and T and E are in grumpy mode as they’re winding down for bed. Well done! xx

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