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The Autumn leaves are falling and it’s a perfect time to get out for a walk with the Casualplay Kudu 4. We recently took Little Mr and our dog for a stroll to the local park and whilst Little Mr is getting to the age where he wants to walk everywhere, we knew he would be too tired to walk the whole distance there and back. Luckily, the Kudu 4 was to hand and we enjoyed a nice Autumnal walk in the sunshine.

Kudu 4 header

modern and stylish

Having used the Kudu 4 as our pushchair of choice over the last 2 months, I do really like it. It looks very stylish with its denim fabric hood and dark navy padded seat which can be used world facing or parent facing. Little Mr is now at the age where he’s so inquisitive he likes to see where’s he’s going so we have been using it world facing for a bit of peace and quiet!  The pushchair has a nice solid frame, it’s easy to push and the shopping basket is a fantastic size; all great features that parents would like from their pushchair.

features kudu 4

As I mentioned in my last review, the Kudu 4 can be used from birth and the reclining seat can be adjusted from sitting straight up to lying down flat, perfect for sleeping babies and toddlers. The safety harness works well and the chest pads help make using the safety harness comfortable for little ones.

front kudu 4

The beauty of reviewing a pushchair over several months is seeing how it adapts to your lifestyle and how it’s used with a growing toddler.

compact fold

The Kudu 4 fold ups easily and is quite compact when folded down. I like to keep a pushchair in the car for when we’re out shopping and the Kudu 4 is a great size for smaller boots. If you take the back wheels off the pushchair (which is very easy to do) it will fit in the boot of my 5-door Vauxhall Corsa with ease. The pushchair is lightweight so it’s easy to pick up and store away.

kudu boot


Unfortunately it seems Little Mr is getting too tall for the pushchair now at only 20 months old. On our recent walk to the park, although the shoulder straps needed to be adjusted to the next hole up, his head (or maybe his hair) seemed to be right at the top of the pushchair making it awkward to use the hood. I’m not sure I have an unusually tall toddler but didn’t realise we would outgrow the pushchair so soon. Similarly, when Little Mr put his feet on the footrest, he had to bend his knees so he could rest his feet on the rest. If I had bought this pushchair intending to keep using it until my toddler had reached 33lb (15kg) or their third birthday, I might be a bit disappointed. It is most definitely suited to a smaller toddler than a taller one.

close up LM

Overall, we like the Kudu 4 and as we’re nearing the end of our time using pushchairs, I can really see the appeal of this pushchair for families with a newborn or a small baby. If buying the pushchair to use with a newborn, I would most definitely purchase a Tulip carrycot footmuff to keep baby warm during the winter months.

You can read more about the Casualplay Kudu 4 pushchair here.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Kudu4 pushchair free of charge for review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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  • Reply Donna 25/10/2014 at 10:45 pm

    This looks like a lovely pushchair but a shame about the sizing, I didn’t think your Little Mr was a particularly ‘large’ toddler! x

  • Reply Lucy Goodwin 29/10/2014 at 4:08 pm

    Looks like a nice pushchair, shame about the sizing, I had similar issues with one of my previous ones. I have never heard of this brand before so interesting to see what else is out there #TriedTested

  • Reply Shona 01/11/2014 at 1:16 pm

    Never heard of this brand and its a shame it isn’t a bit bigger but looks good/

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