A simple Autumn inspired decorated tote bag



As part of the Bostik Craft Network in partnership with Tots100, I’ve been sent a box full of crafting goodies to make something fun. I absolutely loved the small plain tote bag which was crying out for some decoration. Having looked at the enclosed fabrics and the fabric glue in the box, I thought I’d make a simple autumn inspired decorated tote bag which will be ideal for little ones to carry when out and about on their Autumn walks in the next few weeks. Little Mr has already claimed the bag I’ve made and no doubt he’ll be filling it with pine cones, conkers and leaves on our walk over the weekend.

Here’s what I did to accomplish this simple Autumn inspired decorated tote bag.


I sketched out a rough leaf template so I could use this as my template to cut out the fabric. I then pinned the template onto the fabric and cut it out. I then cut out two more leaf shapes and arranged them onto the front of the tote bag.


I used the Bostik fabric glue and used sparingly on the back of the leaves to secure them to the tote. I left these to dry for a couple of nights making sure they were completely dry before continuing.


Once dry, I used a skein of the bright orange tapestry thread and used two strands to handstitch over the top of the leaves. This was purely for decorative effect as the leaves were well and truly stuck onto the tote.


I wanted to hand sew a simple few words onto the tote so decided upon ‘hello Autumn’. First, I used a pencil and wrote the phrase in the corner of the bag and then stitched over the top in the tapestry thread.


I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, it’s simple to do and I think children with an interest in sewing would be able to do something very similar. It’ll be a few years yet until Little Mr will be picking up a needle so in the meantime I’ll just indulge myself and get my sew on.

Disclaimer: This is a post for the Bostik family craft network and I must apologise for the delay in getting this post written up and published. Sorry Tots100. 

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  • Reply Donna 18/10/2014 at 11:11 pm

    Wow! I can’t sew at all, you did a great job! x

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